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TOC: J. of the Internat. Phonetic Association 34/2 2005

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        1.    Joyce Reid, Journal of the Internation Phonetic Association Vol.34, No.2 (2004)

Message 1: Journal of the Internation Phonetic Association Vol.34, No.2 (2004)

Date: 31-Jan-2005
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Journal of the Internation Phonetic Association Vol.34, No.2 (2004)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Volume Number: 34
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: December 2004

Main Text:

Using polynomial equations to model pitch contour shape in lexical tones: an
example from Green Mong
Jean E. Andruski, James Costello

Articulatory characteristics of fricatives and affricates in Hindi: an
electropalatographic study
R. Prakash Dixit, Paul R. Hoffman

How to organize a fairly large vowel inventory: the vowels of Fering (North Frisian)
Ocke-schwen Bohn

VC vs. CV syllables: a comparison of Aboriginal languages with English
Marija Tabain, Gavan Breen, Andrew Butcher

Problems in the classification of approximants
Eugenio Martínez-celdrán

The development of J. R. Firth's phonological views in the 1930s
John Coleman

FRANÇOIS DELL and MOHAMED ELMEDLAOUI, Syllables in Tashlhiyt Berber and in
Moroccan Arabic (Kluwer International Handbooks in Linguistics 2). Dordrecht and
Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002. Pp. xvi + 384. ISBN: 1-4020-1076-1
Geoffrey S. Nathan

KOENRAAD KUIPER and W. SCOTT ALLAN, An Introduction to English Language: Word,
Sound and Sentence (2nd edition). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. Pp.
365. ISBN: 0-333-98464-1
David Deterding

Dictionary of Pronunciation for Current English. Oxford: Oxford University
Press, 2003. Pp. xx + 1208. ISBN: 0-19-8607725 (pbk), 0-19-863156-1 (hbk)
Jack Windsor Lewis

Brazilian Portuguese
Plínio A. Barbosa, Eleonora c. Albano

Kenneth S. Olson

British English: Received Pronunciation
Peter Roach

Ocke-schwen Bohn

Linguistic Field(s): Phonology

Subject Language(s): Arabic, Moroccan Spoken (ARY)
                            Hmong Njua (BLU)
                            English (ENG)
                            Frisian, Northern (FRR)
                            Hindi (HND)
                            Mono (MNH)
                            Portuguese (POR)
                            Tamazight, Central Atlas (TZM)

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