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LINGUIST List 16.3525

Tue Dec 13 2005

Qs: Anglophones' French Survey; Optional Word Omission

Editor for this issue: Jessica Boynton <jessicalinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Demetris Eliades, Anglophones' French Survey
        2.    Florian Jaeger, References: Optional Word Omission, That-omission

Message 1: Anglophones' French Survey
Date: 09-Dec-2005
From: Demetris Eliades <d.eliadessms.ed.ac.uk>
Subject: Anglophones' French Survey


We are conducting an experiment for evaluating the effectiveness of a
Web-tutoring system which we developed in the informatics department of
Edinburgh University. The project is part of an on-going research regarding the
use of different types of feedbacks during tutoring sessions.

The tutoring system aims at tutoring intermediate-level Anglophone learners of
French, into the French Passive Voice, through a series of exercises.

The experiment takes only 25 minutes to complete, and covers most of the aspects
of the French Passive Voice, which usually poses some difficulties for the
English speakers.

You can assist in the evaluation by asking your students (which should be
Anglophones) to go to the following address and go through the tutoring session.
It will be a nice practice for them and the results will assist in our research.


Thank you for your interest.


Demetris Eliades
PhD Student

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Message 2: References: Optional Word Omission, That-omission
Date: 11-Dec-2005
From: Florian Jaeger <tiflocsli.stanford.edu>
Subject: References: Optional Word Omission, That-omission

Hi, [sorry long literature question]

I am working on that-omission in English complement and relative clauses (a.k.a.
optional word mentioning; that-deletion) and I am looking for additional
literature on the following points related to this research:

[NB: note that, for the current query, I am not interested in wh-relativizer vs.
that-relativizer variation. I am interested in the absence/presence of
relativizer/complementizer that]

:: The relation between phonetic reduction and the omission of entire
words/phrases (classics; overview articles). I am interested both in empirical
work and in theoretical claims.

:: Claims about whether that-omission variation is syntactic or allomorphy.

:: Claims about style, register and/or social differences associated with the
absence/presence of relativizer/complementizer that (I am aware of work by
Adamson; Sigley; and Tagliamonte et al.).

:: Claims about meaning differences associated with the absence/presence of that
(I am aware of work by Dor; Yaguchi; and Thompson & Mulac)

:: Other languages with similar variations (optional omission of a function
word) and - if available - corpus resources for that language.

:: I think I am aware of the adult lang. processing work on this, but maybe you
know of papers on that-omission in lang. acquistion?

I have been working on this phenomenon for some time, but I want to make sure
that I haven't missed any important literature. I am particularly interested in
CLAIMS that have been made as to the function of that-omission. But if there are
any important empirical studies that I missed that would be of interest to (I am
aware of Race & MacDonald; Ferreira's work; Roland et al; Lohse; Hawkins;
Rohdenburg; Temperly; Fox & Thompson).

Thanks a lot for your help,

Florian (tiflocsli.stanford.edu)

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

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