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Fri Feb 04 2005

Qs: Literary Linguistic System; Mandinka Bibliography

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        1.    vigo vigo, Literary Linguistic System
        2.    Joana Rossello, Bibliography on Mandinka

Message 1: Literary Linguistic System

Date: 02-Feb-2005
From: vigo vigo <>
Subject: Literary Linguistic System


I have been asked to direct a dissertation about linguistic differences
occurring to a text when it is turned from a literary form into comics.

Could anybody help me? I'd like to have information about references or
previous studies and researches about what happens when a text is
transformed to fit a new linguistic system.


Università di Catania - C.E.A.
Servizio di Posta Elettronica

Linguistic Field(s): Ling & Literature

Message 2: Bibliography on Mandinka

Date: 03-Feb-2005
From: Joana Rossello <>
Subject: Bibliography on Mandinka

Dear colleagues,

we are a group of researchers and graduate students at the University of
Barcelona working on a Niger-Congo underdescribed language called Mandinka.
What we intend to do is describe the language and produce educational
material for the Mandinka population in Senegal and Catalonia. So far we
have been doing fieldwork with a native speaker in Barcelona, but we are
interested in finding additional information, e.g. published grammars or
papers dealing with its phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, etc. Can
you help us? Or maybe there are other linguists doing the same work. We
would be more than glad to contact them.

Here is the bibliography that we have looked up:

1) Man Lafi Dramé (2003) Parlons mandinka, Paris: L'Harmattan.
2) L. Gràcia & J. M. Contreras (2003) El soninké i el mandinga, estudi
comparatiu entre les gramàtiques del soninké i el mandinga i la del català,
Gabinet d?Assessorament Lingüístic per a la Immigració - Universitat de
Girona, Departament de Benestar Social.
3) Londoo Firoo (2003) Mandinka kango taamañaa, Dakar: Associates in
Research and Education for Development.
4) Bamba, M. and M. Liberman, ''Focus in Manding''. LSA annual meeting (1999).

Linguistic Field(s): Language Description

Subject Language(s): Mandinka (MNK)

Language Family(ies): Niger-Congo

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