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Fri Feb 04 2005

Qs: Ergative/Possession Marking; Software Translation

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        1.    Kirill Shklovsky, Identical Ergative and Possession Marking
        2.    Fabio Tabbo, Software Translation

Message 1: Identical Ergative and Possession Marking

Date: 03-Feb-2005
From: Kirill Shklovsky <>
Subject: Identical Ergative and Possession Marking

Dear Linguists:

I am researching a phenomenon in Mayan languages whereby the ergative
cross-reference on the verb is identical to possessor cross-reference on a
possessed noun, and am looking for treatments of this kind of phenomena
(case OR agreement). As far as I know this occurs outside of Mayan, in
language families such as Eskimo, some Caucassian languages, Tibeto-Burman
languages, perhaps Malagasy, depending on your view, etc. Bittner and Hale
address this in their 1996 paper ''The Structural Determination Of Case And
Agreement'', but I am not aware of any others. Can anybody suggest other
treatments of this phenomena, be they syntactic (in whatever framework),
typological, or whatever. Thanks.

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology

Language Family(ies): Mayan

Message 2: Software Translation

Date: 04-Feb-2005
From: Fabio Tabbo <>
Subject: Software Translation

Dear Sirs,

I have an Excel table with texts in different European languages, and I
would like to automatically translate everything in English. Please could
you advise me on the software to buy?

Many thanks,

Fabio Tabbo'

Linguistic Field(s): Translation

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