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Fri Feb 11 2005

TOC: SKY Journal of Linguistics Vol. 17 2005

Editor for this issue: Maria Moreno-Rollins <>

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        1.    Jouni Rostila, SKY Journal of Linguistics 17 2005

Message 1: SKY Journal of Linguistics 17 2005

Date: 01-Feb-2005
From: Jouni Rostila <>
Subject: SKY Journal of Linguistics 17 2005

Publisher: Linguistic Assoc. of Finland

Journal Title: SKY Journal of Linguistics
Volume Number: 17
Issue Number:
Issue Date: 2004

Main Text:

SKY Journal of Linguistics 17 (2004)
Edited by Pentti Haddington, Jouni Rostila and Ulla Tuomarla


5 A Note from the Editors

7 Referees of SKY JoL 16 (2003) and 17 (2004)

9 Michaël Abecassis: Schwa-deletion in the Dialogues of 1930s French Films

35 Josep Alba-Salas: Lexically Selected Expletives: Evidence from Basque and Romance

101 Pentti Haddington: Stance Taking in News Interviews

143 Martin Howard: Sociolinguistic Variation and Second Language Acquisition: A
Preliminary Study of Advanced Learners of French

167 Alvin Leong Ping: Delimiting the Theme of the English Clause – An
Inference-boundary Account

189 Edoardo Lombardi Vallauri: Grammaticalization of Syntactic Incompleteness:
Free Conditionals in Italian and Other Languages

217 Jurate Ruzaite: Academic Precision Reconsidered: A Corpus-based Account

249 Stefan Tröster-Mutz: Die Realisierung von Vokallängen: erlaubt ist, was
Sp[a(:)]ß macht?


267 Pawel Rutkowski & Hanna Maliszewska: The Syntactic Structure of the
Construction: Numeral 'out of' Numeral in Polish

Book Reviews:

279 Michael Brody (2002) Towards an Elegant Syntax. (Reviewed by Cedric Boeckx)

283 Mati Erelt (Ed.) (2003) Estonian Language. (Reviewed by Katrin Hiietam)

293 Birgit Stolt (2000) Martin Luthers Rhetorik des Herzens (Rezensiert von
Tuomo Fonsén)

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