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Wed Feb 16 2005

Confs: Syntax/Barcelona, Spain

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        1.    maria-rosa lloret, 15th Colloquium on Generative Grammar

Message 1: 15th Colloquium on Generative Grammar

Date: 15-Feb-2005
From: maria-rosa lloret <>
Subject: 15th Colloquium on Generative Grammar

15th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
Short Title: CGG-15

Date: 04-Apr-2005 - 06-Apr-2005
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Contact: maria-rosa lloret
Contact Email:
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

Meeting Description:

The Colloquium on Generative Grammar is an international scientific event that
is held every year, since 1991, in a university of the Iberian Peninsula. It is
a meeting point for linguists that work within the framework of generative
grammar, whichever empirical base they use. It is a reunion to discuss novelties
about linguistic theory and enforce national and international exchanges between
research centers. In previous Colloquia researchers from the Iberian community
as well as from other places (e.g., from other European countries, USA, Canada,
South and Central America, North Africa, and Japan) have participated. It is
thus a well-accepted event among the national and the international linguistic

Monday, 4 April 2005

8.30 Registration
9.00-9.30 Welcome address
9.30-10.30 SERGIO SCALISE (U di Bologna) (Invited speaker)
«Lexicalist morphology today»
10.30-11.10 Ricardo Etxepare (CNRS, Bayonne; LEHIA, The Basque Country) &
Kleanthes K. Grohmann (U of Cyprus, Nicosia)
«Issues in the grammar of adult root infinitives»
11.10-11.40 Coffee break
11.40-12.20 Jaume Mateu (U Autònoma de Barcelona)
«Auxilary selection in Old Catalan and Old Spanish»
12.20-13.0 Pawe? Rutkowski (U of Warsaw)
«A generative approach to floating intensifiers in Polish»
13.00-13.40 Norberto Moreno (U de Castilla-La Mancha, IUI Ortega y Gasset)
«The quantificational nature of intensional verbs»
13.40-15.00 Lunch
15.00-15.40 Anna Bartra & Xavier Villalba (U Autònoma de Barcelona)
«Non agreeing quantified nominal embedded clauses in Spanish»
15.40-16.20 Sonia Cyrino (U Estadual de Londrina) & Gabriela Matos (U de Lisboa)
«Null complement anaphora in Romance as a null proform or an elliptical constituent»
16.20-17.30 Poster session 1 & Coffee
17.30-18.10 Klaus Abels (U of Tromsø)
«Resumptive pronouns and the copy theory of movement»
18.10-18.50 Luis López (U of Illinois at Chicago)
«What moves alfa?»
19.30 Visit to Institut d'Estudis Catalans and Reception

Tuesday, 5 April 2005

9.00-9.40 Laura Domínguez (U of Southampton)
«Integrating a stress-based and a feature-based account of Focus: evidence from
9.40-10.20 Francisco Ordóñez & Lori Repetti (SUNY, Stony Brook)
«Patterns of stress shift in enclisis in Romance»
10.20-11.0 Fernanda Pratas (U Nova Lisboa) & Andres P. Salanova (MIT)
«The allomorphy of Capeverdean object pronominals: a case for late insertion»
11.00-11.30 Coffe break
11.30-12.10 Pilar Prieto (ICREA, U Autònoma de Barcelona)
«Markedness constraints in early prosodic word acquisition: the case of Catalan»
12.10-12.50 Arantzazu Elordieta (EHU)
«Mismatches in the assignment of focal stress in embedded contexts in Northern
Bizkaian Basque»
12.50-13.50 MAX W. WHEELER (U of Sussex) (Invited speaker)
«Cluster simplification: fusion or deletion?»
13.50-15.00 Lunch
15.00-15.40 J. Rothman (UCLA, Pepperdine University)
«Testing the Transfer Hypothesis vs. the Subset Hypothesis: the status of the
OPC in the L2 grammar of Hispanic learners of English»
15.40-16.20 Carla Soares (U de Paris 8)
«Information focus and identificational focus in an early stage of language
16.20-17.30 Poster session 2 & Coffee
17.30-18.10 Cristina Guardiano (U di Modena e Reggio Emilia) & Giuseppe
Longobardi (U di Trieste)
«Reference and definiteness»
18.10-18.50 Ángel J. Gallego
«Phase effects in Iberian Romance»
18.50-19.30 Paola Crisma (U di Trieste) & Chiara Gianollo (U di Pisa)
«DP-syntax and parameter resetting in Latin and English»
21.00 Banquet

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

9.00-9.40 Raquel González (U Complutense de Madrid, IUI Ortega y Gasset)
«Economía, ámbito y polaridad positiva»
9.40-10.20 Juan Romero (U de Alcalá)
«Incorporation and PF»
10.20-11.00 Pascual José Masullo (U of Pittsburgh)
«Covert exclamatives and LF»
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.10 Dalina Kallulli (U Wien)
«Unaccusativity as a syntactic feature-suppression operation»
12.10-12.50 Lara Reglero (U of Florida State)
«On Spanish wh-in situ interrogatives»
12.50-13.30 E.G. Ruys (UiL-OTS, Utrecht University)
«An impersonal ergative»
13.30-13.50 Business meeting
13.50-15.00 Lunch
15.00-15.40 Núria Martí (U Autònoma de Barcelona)
«Two books of those: a partitive nominal?»
15.40-16.20 Denis Liakin (Concordia University, Montreal)
«Functional categories and dicourse factors»
16.20-16.50 Coffe break
16.50-17.30 Aritz Irurtzun (EHU & LEHIA, The Basque Country University)
«Reprojection & Spell Out (or Vice-versa)»
17.30-18.30 OLGA FERNÁNDEZ SORIANO (U Autónoma de Madrid) (Invited speaker)
18.30 Closing session
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