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Thu Mar 03 2005

Calls: Lang Documentation/USA; Comp Ling/Lexicography/UK

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        1.    Maggie Reynolds, Language Documentation: Theory, Practice, and Values
        2.    Eric Laporte, 24th International Conference on 'Lexis and Grammar'

Message 1: Language Documentation: Theory, Practice, and Values

Date: 03-Mar-2005
From: Maggie Reynolds <>
Subject: Language Documentation: Theory, Practice, and Values

Full Title: Language Documentation: Theory, Practice, and Values

Date: 09-Jul-2005 - 11-Jul-2005
Location: Cambridge, MA, United States of America
Contact Person: Louanna Furbee
Meeting Email:

Linguistic Field(s): Language Description

Call Deadline: 31-Mar-2005

Meeting Description:

At the 2005 LSA Linguistic Institute- MIT/Harvard
July 9-10, 2005, and July 11, 2005 - Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Impelled by concerns of the accelerating loss of languages, language archiving
has emerged as a prominent issue for linguists and for heritage language
speakers alike. The quality of documentation available for an endangered
language can determine the success of its revitalization. The present conference
has been organized by participants in the LSA Conversation on Endangered
Languages Archiving to bring archiving issues, especially electronic archiving
issues, before the linguistic community. Six themes will be treated at the
public portion of the conference in conventional paper presentation sessions, in
poster sessions, and in panel presentations with open discussion. These themes
are (1) the requirement for language documentation training, (2) the concerns
and involvement of the heritage language communities, (3) the question of what
is adequate documentation, (4) the uses of documentation in speaker
communities, (5) training and careers in field linguistics, and (6) ethics,
documentation, and archiving. Presenters of papers and posters in the public
sessions on July 9 and 10 will be invited to join the LSA Conversation group on
the morning of July 11 in a closed session; that closed meeting will be the
second LSA Conversation to advise the Society on efforts it should undertake in
endangered language archiving.

Invited Speakers include:
Peter Austin, SOAS, London, England
Laura Buszard-Welcher, Rosetta Project and UC Berkeley
Phil Cash Cash, U of Arizona & Nez Perce Tribe
Arienne Dwyer, Kansas U
K. David Harrison, Swarthmore, & Chair, LSA CELP
Martha Macri, UC, Davis, & Terralingua
Paul Newman, Indiana U
Susan Penfield, U of Arizona
Keren Rice, Toronto U



Organizers: N. Louanna Furbee, LSA Archivist, and members of LSA Conversation
on Endangered Languages Archiving

To submit an abstract of a paper (15 min.) or poster for consideration, prepare
a 250-word abstract. Identify at the top of the page the conference theme to
which the abstract pertains; the conference themes are elaborated on below, and
the session chairs for each are named. The abstract should carry identification
of the author(s), the address of the lead author, and an electronic address to
which correspondence regarding the abstract may be addressed.

E-MAIL the abstract so written and identified to ALL THREE of the following
persons at the electronic addresses listed:
N. Louanna Furbee (,
Lenore A. Grenoble (Lenore.A.GrenobleDartmouth.EDU),
Arienne Dwyer (
If you cannot comply with the electronic submission requirement, please mail
five copies your abstract so they will arrive by March 31, 2005, to:
Lenore A. Grenoble
Program in Linguistics & Cognitive Science
6085 Reed Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 07355

Message 2: 24th International Conference on 'Lexis and Grammar'

Date: 03-Mar-2005
From: Eric Laporte <>
Subject: 24th International Conference on 'Lexis and Grammar'

Full Title: 24th International Conference on 'Lexis and Grammar'

Date: 14-Sep-2005 - 18-Sep-2005
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Contact Person: Christian Leclère
Meeting Email:
Web Site:

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; Language Description;
Lexicography; Syntax

Call Deadline: 01-Apr-2005

Meeting Description:

The International Conference on Lexis and Grammar aims to bring together
specialists in the construction of language resources, and computer scientists
experienced in the processing of data

Over the past three years, interest in the development and use of language
resources has increased dramatically and become a global concern. This interest
is not confined to corpora, but extends to lexicons and grammars. The number of
papers in international journals of computational linguistics dealing with
linguistic resources has increased five-fold. Interaction between descriptive
linguistics and language engineering is growing. For example, auto-documented
XML formats for language resources are being upgraded to facilitate
international standardisation; corpus-processing software systems are now
available for both linguists and engineers to apply to real-world texts. Many
software service providers seek to establish qualitatively and quantitatively
sound language resources. An increasing number of computational linguists
investigate lexis, grammar, and the interaction between them.

In this context, the Conference aims to bring together specialists in the
construction of language resources, and computer scientists experienced in the
processing of data. The conference particularly encourages submissions reporting
research findings that are formalised to the point where they can be integrated
into text processing applications, and submissions which describe resources such
as grammars and electronic dictionaries that are constructed on a linguistic basis.

Conference languages are English and French.

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