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Confs: Computational Ling/Bordeaux, France

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        1.    Maxime Amblard, Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 2005 - 5th International Conference

Message 1: Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 2005 - 5th International Conference

Date: 03-Mar-2005
From: Maxime Amblard <>
Subject: Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 2005 - 5th International Conference

Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 2005 - 5th International Conference
Short Title: LACL 2005

Date: 28-Apr-2005 - 30-Apr-2005
Location: Bordeaux, France
Contact: Maxime Amblard
Contact Email:
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Linguistic
Theories; Philosophy of Language; Pragmatics; Semantics; Syntax

Meeting Description:

LACL 2005 (Bordeaux, France; April 28-30 2005, chaired by Ph. Blache and E.
Stabler, is the fifth international conference on the
Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics, a series published in the Lecture
Notes in Artificial Intelligence / Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNAI/LNCS)
series of Springer. Computer scientists, linguists, mathematicians and
philosophers are invited to submit, before January 3rd 2005, their work on the
use of logical methods in computational linguistics and natural language
processing, for the analysis, generation or acquisition of natural language.

Bassam Haddad and Mustafa Yaseen :
'A Compositional Approach Towards Semantic Representation and Construction of

Nissim Francez :
'Lambek-Calculus with General Elimination rules and Continuation Semantics'

Richard Zuber :
'More algebras for determiners'

Anne Preller and Joachim Lambek :
'Categorical semantics for pregroup grammars'

Allan Third :
'The Expressive Power of Restricted Fragments of English'

Denis Bechet and Annie Foret :
'k-Valued Non-Associative Lambek Grammars (without Product) Form a Strict
Hierarchy of Languages'

Claire Gardent and Yannick Parmentier :
'Large scale semantic construction for Tree Adjoining Grammars'

Peter Ljunglof :
'A Polynomial Time Extension of Parallel Multiple Context-Free Grammar'

Marcelo da S. Correa and E. Hermann Haeusler :
'On the Selective Lambek Calculus'

Areski Nait Abdallah, Alain Lecomte :
'On expressing vague quantification and scalar implicatures in the logic of
partial information'

David A. Burke, Kristofer Johannisson :
'Translating Formal Software Specifications to Natural Language. A Grammar-Based

Erwan Moreau :
'Learnable classes of general combinatory grammar'

Ryo Yoshinaka, Makoto Kanazawa :
'The Complexity and Generative Capacity of Lexicalized Abstract Categorial Grammars'

Isabelle Tellier :
'When Categorial Grammar meet Regular Grammatical Inference'

Denis Bechet, Alexander Dikovsky, Annie Foret :
'Dependency Structure Grammars'

Roberto Bonato :
'Towards a Computational Treatment of Binding Theory'

Benoit Crabbe :
'Grammatical Development with XMG'

Benoit Sagot :
'Linguistic facts as predicates over ranges of the sentence'

Djame Seddah and Bertrand Gaiffe :
'How to Build Argumental graphs Using TAG Shared Forest : a view from control verbs'

Jens Michaelis and Hans-Martin Gaertner :
'A Note on the Complexity of Constraint Interaction: Locality Conditions and
Minimalist Grammars'

Joachim Niehren and Mateu Villaret :
'Describing Lambda Terms in Context Unification'

Veit Reuer and Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger :
'Feature Constraint Logic and Error Detection in ICALL Systems'

Evelyne Jacquey :
'Un cas de ''polysemie logique'''

John T. Hale and Edward P. Stabler :
'Strict Deterministic Aspects of Minimalist Grammars'
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