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Diss: Phonology: Sarmah: 'Some Aspects of the Tonal ...'

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        1.    Priyankoo Sarmah, Some Aspects of the Tonal Phonology of Bodo

Message 1: Some Aspects of the Tonal Phonology of Bodo

Date: 03-Mar-2005
From: Priyankoo Sarmah <>
Subject: Some Aspects of the Tonal Phonology of Bodo

Institution: Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages
Program: Center for Linguistics and Contemporary English
Dissertation Status: Completed
Degree Date: 2004

Author: Priyankoo Sarmah

Dissertation Title: Some Aspects of the Tonal Phonology of Bodo

Linguistic Field(s): Phonology

Subject Language(s): Bodo (BRX)
Language Family(ies): Sino-Tibetan

Dissertation Director:
K.G Vijayakrishnan

Dissertation Abstract:

This dissertation is an attempt to answer the basic questions regarding the
tonal phonology of Bodo.

Chapter I gives a general introduction to the Bodo language, the existing
research work in Bodo and summarizes the framework followed in the present
work. This chapter also gives a brief explanation of the term 'Tone
Language' and tries to exemplify how tonal contrasts occur in tone languages.
Since the literature on Bodo (specifically tones) is confusing as
contradictory claims are made, we planned to establish the phonetics and
phonology of Bodo tones with the help of digitally recorded data.

Chapter 2 explains how tone assignment takes place in Bodo non-derived
monosyllabic lexical entries. This chapter also looks into the segmental
interferences in realization of pitch. It also gives an overview of the
method followed for data collection and analysis in this research work.

Chapter 3 looks at the tone assignment in Bodo non-derived disyllabic
lexical entries. Like the previous chapter this chapter also looks into the
segmental effects in the realization of pitch in disyllables.

Chapter 4 examines the tone assignment pattern in derived polysyllabic
entries. It looks at the alterations that suffixes go through in a
derivation. It is also an attempt to identify and explain different
morphophonemic patterns observed in Bodo.

Chapter 5 gives an overview of the OT (Optimality Theory), and an OT
account of the tonal phenomenon including tonal alteration in Bodo.

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