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Wed Mar 09 2005

Books: General Ling: Arunachalam et al (Eds)

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        1.    Sudha Arunachalam, Proceedings of the 28th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium: Arunachalam, Scheffler, Sundaresan, Tauberer (Eds)

Message 1: Proceedings of the 28th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium: Arunachalam, Scheffler, Sundaresan, Tauberer (Eds)

Date: 09-Mar-2005
From: Sudha Arunachalam <>
Subject: Proceedings of the 28th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium: Arunachalam, Scheffler, Sundaresan, Tauberer (Eds)

Title: Proceedings of the 28th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium
Series Title: U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, 11:1
Published: 2005
Publisher: Penn Linguistics Club

Book URL:

Editor: Sudha Arunachalam, University of Pennsylvania
Editor: Tatjana Scheffler, University of Pennsylvania
Editor: Sandhya Sundaresan, University of Pennsylvania
Editor: Joshua Tauberer, University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics (PWPL) is
pleased to announce that the proceedings of the 28th Annual Penn
Linguistics Colloquium are now available. The contents are listed below.
Visit our website ( for ordering
information and contents of previous volumes; email us at with any questions.

Table of Contents

Antipassive, clefting, and specificity
Edith Aldridge

Futurate meanings
Bridget Copley

Non-canonical agent-marking in Eastern Khanty: A functional-pragmatic
A. Filtchenko

A (Remnant) Raising Analysis of English comparatives
Scott Fults

The Englishization of Mandarin in computer-mediated communication.
Liwei Gao

Resumptive pronouns as last resort: Implications for language acquisition
Elaine Grolla

From causality to concessivity: The story of just because
Martin Hilpert

Tonal chain-shifts as anti-neutralization-induced tone sandhi
Feng-Fan Hsieh

On the role of contrast in pronoun interpretation: Some insights from Estonian
Elsi Kaiser

A-movement locality in applicative constructions
Ju-Eun Lee

Something invisible in English
Thomas Leu

'To' in two places and the dative alternation
Lisa Levinson

The distribution of clauses in non-finite clauses: An account without case
Thomas McFadden

A Centering analysis of relative clauses in English and Greek
Eleni Miltsakaki

Loanword accentuation in Japanese
Masahiko Mutsukawa

Pseudo-incorporation of agents
Balkiz Ozturk

Addressing acquisition from language change: A modeling perspective
Lisa Pearl

VP-preposing and relative scope
Laura Rimell and Thomas Leu

Phonological adaptation of Spanish loanwords in Northern Moroccan Arabic
Lotfi Sayahi

Emergence of do-support in child English
Graciela Tesan and Rosalind Thornton

Event structure of the inalienable possession in Korean
Satoshi Tomioka and Chang-Yong Sim

The Greek connective ke: Towards a unitary radical pragmatic account
Stavroula Tsiplakou

Two types of multiple nominative constructions in Japanese
Reiko Vermeulen

A story of the American -self: A case study in morphological variation
Joel C. Wallenberg

Deriving coda conditions through the generalized local conjunction of
markedness constraints
Laurie Woods

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
                            Historical Linguistics
                            Language Acquisition

Subject Language(s): Arabic, Moroccan Spoken (ARY)
                            Chinese, Mandarin (CHN)
                            English (ENG)
                            Estonian (EST)
                            Greek (GRK)
                            Japanese (JPN)
                            Khanty (KCA)
                            Korean (KKN)
                            Spanish (SPN)

Written In: English (ENG )

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