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Fri Mar 11 2005

Qs: Post-Communicative Trend in TEFL

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        1.    Abdul Gabbar, Post-Communicative Trend in TEFL

Message 1: Post-Communicative Trend in TEFL

Date: 09-Mar-2005
From: Abdul Gabbar <>
Subject: Post-Communicative Trend in TEFL

Dear respected applied linguists,

When we talk about post-communicative trend in TEFL, what do we actually
mean? Is there really a post-communicative trend? If so what are the
characteristics of this trend? How is learning a foreign language seen in
this new trend? What is the new role of the teacher/learner? Do you think
there has been any significant shift from the communicative approach of the
1970s? Has there been any incorporation of the constructivist approach in
EFL, if so in what ways? Could anyone interested advise me more on this issue?

Abdul Gabbar
English curriculum coordinator

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
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