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Mon Mar 14 2005

Qs: Reciprocity in Spanish; Code-switching Corpora

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        1.    Judith Köhne, Reciprocity in Spanish
        2.    Yuko Watanabe, Code-switching Corpora

Message 1: Reciprocity in Spanish

Date: 14-Mar-2005
From: Judith Köhne <>
Subject: Reciprocity in Spanish

Dear linguists,

I am currently writing a term paper on reciprocity in Spanish.
I am mainly interested in the structure and use of the different possible
expressions that encode reciprocal events in Spanish and differences
between them:

1. se + verb
2. se + verb + el uno al otro
3. se + verb + entre sí
4. se + verb + mutuamente/recíprocamente

Another question is whether the reflexive/reciprocal marker ''se''
obligatorily has to be used to encode reciprocity along with possible
additional markers (see above) or whether these markers can also be used alone.

I have not been able to locate a lot of literature on this subject. I would
thus be very thankful for suggestions (in English, Spanish, or German). I
would also be interested in finding native speakers of Spanish willing to
answer a small number of questions to check some hypotheses, etc.

Please send any suggestions to the following email address:

If I get enough answers I will post a short summary to the list later...

Thank you very much!

Judith Köhne

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

Message 2: Code-switching Corpora

Date: 13-Mar-2005
From: Yuko Watanabe <>
Subject: Code-switching Corpora

Dear Linguists,

I am planning to write a paper that investigates how/when bilingual
speakers change their languages in disputes and discusses why they change,
i.e. to terminate an argument, to emphasize their points, and so on.

I have been looking for some conversation data, but I haven't been so
successful. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find code-switching
corpora that show arguments. It would also be very helpful if anyone could
tell me where I can find any code-switching corpora regardless of
topics/kinds of conversations.

I would appreciate any information you could provide. Thank you very much.


Yuko Watanabe

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis

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