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Thu Jan 13 2005

Qs: Forensic Ling Programs; Naming Practices & Titles

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        1.    Christina Villafana, Forensic Ling Programs
        2.    Julie Auger, Naming Practices and Titles

Message 1: Forensic Ling Programs

Date: 04-Jan-2005
From: Christina Villafana <>
Subject: Forensic Ling Programs

Hello all,
 I am trying to put together as thorough a list as possible of linguistics
 programs in the United States with degrees, concentrations, or courses in
 the various subfields of forensic linguistics.
 Specifically, I'd be interested in knowing the following:
 Level of activity in forensic lx (degree, concentration/minor, individual
 Academic level (graduate, undergraduate)
 Subfield (forensic phonetics/voiceid, author id, pragmatics, and so on)
 I don't know of an exisiting list, but will be happy to post a detailed
 summary here once I compile the information (obviously, the greater the
 response level, the more useful the final list will be!)
 Thanks to all and happy new year,
 Christina Villafana or 
 Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
                      Forensic Linguistics

Message 2: Naming Practices and Titles

Date: 05-Jan-2005
From: Julie Auger <>
Subject: Naming Practices and Titles

Dear Colleagues,

In my ''Language and Gender'' course, I am planning to discuss recent
trends in naming practices for women who get married and the use of ''Ms'',
''Mrs'', and ''miss'', and I'd like to compare the situation in
English-speaking countries with what happens in other countries to show
that different models exist (e.g., in Spanish-speaking countries, in
Iceland, in Qu├ębec).  I'd be very grateful if you could point me to
references that describe practices in various communities or tell me what
the practice is in communities that you are familiar with, whether things
have been changing, etc.

I'll gladly share a summary of the responses I receive with anyone who is


Julie Auger 

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics
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