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Thu Mar 17 2005

Disc: Re: 16.790, Disc: Re: Media: BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link

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        1.    C. Rajendran, Re: 16.790, Disc: Re: Media: BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link

Message 1: Re: 16.790, Disc: Re: Media: BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link

Date: 17-Mar-2005
From: C. Rajendran <>
Subject: Re: 16.790, Disc: Re: Media: BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link

Yes,in all probability, the alleged similarity between the Welsh accent and
Hindi [Urdu?Pakistani?] accents may be a matter of pure coincidence. But before
closing the chapter altogether, shouldn't one consider the following issues?

1.Are there any language systems in the world, which, though thoroughly
unrelated at any point in history, yet remarkably bear similarity in matters
related to accent to such an extent that both could be mistakenly identified?

2.Shouldn't one consider the hypothetical possibility of two languages having
something solidly in common when they produce an accent appearing similar even
to the untrained ear?

3.Linguistic history is replete with examples where we come across deep
relationships when it comes to the question of the antecedents of languages.
Consider the Gypsy language,which is identified as belonging to the eastern
bramnch of IE. I shouldn't be the least surprised when one comes with a
convincing theory that Finnish is very close to Dravidian languages one of these
days! Jokes apart,the fact remains that, our planet earth is too small a place!
However, I have no thesis to offer in this particular case apart from pleading
for caution.


Dr. C. Rajendran
Professor of Sanskrit
University of Calicut
Calicut University P.O
Kerala 673 635

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