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Confs: Phonology/Leiden, Netherlands

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        1.    Bert Remijsen, Between Stress and Tone

Message 1: Between Stress and Tone

Date: 17-Mar-2005
From: Bert Remijsen <>
Subject: Between Stress and Tone

Between Stress and Tone
Short Title: BeST

Date: 16-Jun-2005 - 18-Jun-2005
Location: Leiden, Netherlands
Contact: Bert Remijsen
Contact Email:
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics; Phonology; Typology

Meeting Description:

The Between Stress and Tone conference will focus on the variety of
word-prosodic systems. Particular attention will be paid to systems that
challenge the typological classification into word stress, lexical pitch-accent
and tone. We will also invite studies that discuss the interaction between the
phonetic encoding of word-prosodic features and utterance-level prosody.

Dear Colleague,

Please find below the list of papers that will be presented at the Between
Stress and Tone conference (Leiden, 16-18 of June 2005). The 47 papers listed
below are in addition to the four invited papers - by Harry van der Hulst,
Jerold Edmondson, Jose Hualde and Larry Hyman.

More information on the event can be found on the conference website
[]. In case you want to attend, please
register online via the conference website.

A day-by-day schedule will be sent by email to the attendants before the conference.

Yours sincerely,
The organizing committee:
Amis Boersma
Vincent van Heuven
Bert Remijsen (convenor)
Marloes Rozing (project coordinator)
Ellen van Zanten


Anneke Neijt & Mirjam Ernestus: The relation between word length and the
location of primary word stress in three Germanic languages

Charles Kisseberth: Co-existing Prosodic Systems in Chimwini and Phonological

Christiane Ulbrich: Phonetic realisation of accented syllables in two German
Standard Varieties

Christine Mooshammer & Jonathan Harrington: Linguistic prominence and loudness -
a systematic comparison between lexical word stress, sentence accent and vocal

Draga Zec: A typology of tone governed stress

Gorka Elordieta & Aritz Irurtzun: Acoustic correlates of accent in different
word-prosodic systems of Basque

Gosta Bruce: Word intonation and utterance intonation in varieties of Swedish

Gwendolyn Lowes: Reconstructing Tonogenesis in Zapotec

Joan Baart: Tone and Stress in Northwest Indo-Aryan

Joerg Peters: Hybrid word-prosodic systems: the case of Limburgian dialects

Laura Downing, Al Mtenje & Bernd Pompino Marschall: Non-accentual Prosodic Cues
to Focus in a Tone Language: the case of Ntcheu Chichewa

My Segerup: Production and perception of Gothenburg Swedish word accents

Petra Wagner &Jelena Mandic: Are Pitch Contour and Quantity Independent
Distinctive Features in Bosnian Serbian?

Sam Hellmuth: Every word has one: intonational pitch accent distribution in
Cairene Arabic

Yosuke Igarashi: How many falling intonation patterns in Russian?: categories of
F0 alignment

Yuni Kim: From accent 2 to shifted stress in Swedish dialects: the role of


Annie Rialland & K.G.Vijayakrishnan: Tamil and French: Different Accent Systems
but Similar ' Pragmatic' Accents

Bert Remijsen & Leoma Gilley: Complementary quantity and vowel length in Dinka

Carlos Gussenhoven: The prosody of the Nubi verb

Cecilia Ode: Towards a description of communicative functions and prosodic
labelling of Russian rising pitch accents

Chinwei Wu: The Tone-Stress Mapping in Chinese Loanwords: An Optimality Theory

Chun-Mei Chen: The Prosody of dui bu dui in Mandarin Conversation

Colleen Ahland: Gumuz - A Tone Language Moving Toward a Pitch Accent System

Darya Kavitskaya: Nenets - Stress or Pitch Accent

David Le Gac: Tone, accent and intonation in Somali

David Silva: The Development of Pitch-Accent in Standard Korean: Acoustic Evidence

Diana Apoussidou: Different grammars, same output - what learners do with the signal

Doris L. Payne & Colleen Ahland: Rhythmic Stress in Maa, a Nilotic Tone Language

Elinor Keane: The apparent absence of word-prosodic features in Tamil

Feng-fan Hsieh: Motivating Word-Tone: A Case Study of Shanghai Chinese

Francis Nolan & Tamara Hausmann: Are phrase tones in Swiss German intonation

Haruo Kubozono: Lexical tone and question prosody in Japanese

Hua Lin & Qian Wang: Rhythmic Patterns of Mandarin Chinese

James Roberts: Is Migaama a tonal language or an accentual language?

Jan-Olof Svantesson: Tonal Kammu is not a tone language

Keith Snider: The Effect of Floating Tones on the Diminutive Consonant in Mada

Larry Hagberg: The place of pitch-accent languages in a typology of phonological

Mariko Sugahara & Alice Turk: Is There Durational Evidence for the English
Within-Word Foot?

Mark Van de Velde: Word accent in Eton, a Bantu tone language of Cameroon

Ove Lorentz: Tone Shift and Tone Reversal in Scandinavian

Peter Jurgec: Recent findings on tone in Slovenian

Satsuki Nakai, Sari Kunnari, Alice Turk & Kari Suomi: Final lengthening and
quantity in Finnish and Japanese

Shakuntala Mahanta: Pitch and Moraicity in Assamese, Bengali and Odiya

Stefan Elders: The intertwining of tone and grammar in Kulango

Susan G. Guion & Jonathan D. Amith: The Historical Development of Word Prosody
in Balsas Nahuatl - The Effects of *h

Thu Nguyen & John Ingram: Acoustic correlates of Vietnamese reduplications

Zendo Uwano: History of the Two-Pattern Accent Systems of Southwest Kyushu Japanese
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