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Thu Jan 13 2005

TOC: Lingua 115/5 (2005)

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        1.    Julie Walker, Lingua Vol 115, No 5 (2005)

Message 1: Lingua Vol 115, No 5 (2005)

Date: 04-Jan-2005
From: Julie Walker <>
Subject: Lingua Vol 115, No 5 (2005)

Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.

Journal Title: Lingua
Volume Number: 115
Issue Number: 5
Issue Date: May 2005

Main Text:

The typology of Malay reflexives
P. Cole, G. Hermon
pp 627-644
Full text via ScienceDirect :

French adjective ordering: perspectives on DP-internal movement types
C. Laenzlinger
pp 645-689
Full text via ScienceDirect :

A comment on the topic of topic-comment
M. den Dikken
pp 691-710
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Deriving the similarities between Japanese and Italian: a case study in
comparative syntax
M. Zushi
pp 711-751
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Morpheme Order and Semantic Scope-Word Formation in the Athapaskan Verb -
Cambridge Studies in Linguistics Series, Rice, Keren, Cambridge University
Press, Cambridge, UK, xiii + 453 pp.
H. Bartos
pp 753-758
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology
                            Discourse Analysis
                            General Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Ati (ATK)
                            Italian (ITN)
                            Japanese (JPN)
Language Family(ies): Athapaskan

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