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Wed Mar 23 2005

Qs: Language Choice;Transcription of Digital Audio

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        1.    Carsten Otto, Bibliography on Language Choice
        2.    Susan Gehr, Transcription of Digital Audio

Message 1: Bibliography on Language Choice

Date: 22-Mar-2005
From: Carsten Otto <>
Subject: Bibliography on Language Choice

Fellow Listeros,

I am writing my Ph.D. thesis on Bilingualism in Yucatan, Mexico. Does
anyone know an up to date, comprehensive bibliography on investigations
(recent and classic) into language choice, language maintenance, and
language shift in the Americas? I am mainly interested in the middle
american (Mayan speaking) region but any reference to investigations of
indegenous language/Spanish-pairs would be highly appreciated and - for
sure - summarized later.

Thank you very much in advance, cheers

Carsten Otto

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Spanish (SPN)

Language Family(ies): Mayan

Message 2: Transcription of Digital Audio

Date: 21-Mar-2005
From: Susan Gehr <>
Subject: Transcription of Digital Audio

I am interested in learning about what is being used for transcription work
of digital audio.

I have just had an opportunity to use a tape recorder with a foot pedal,
and I find working with the foot pedal to be very efficient, but I already
own a Marantz PMD 690, a solid state recorder, and it seems a shame to have
to go from digital to analog.

My laptop is an iBook running Mac OS X.

I have used a software based transcription program, LoopyLoop X:

In general LoopyLoop is good, and very cheap, but given a choice between
operating a foot pedal and punching in keyboard commands in between
actually transcribing, I'd rather use a foot pedal.

The author of LoopyLoop has offered even to build in foot pedal
functionality. Do you have a recommendation on a USB footpedal I could
suggest to him to test with?

I've also downloaded and attempted to use Express Scribe, but I haven't yet been able to make it work,
not even to get it to play back one of NCH's own sample files.

Linguistic Field(s): Language Description

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