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Thu Mar 24 2005

TOC: Cognitive Systems Research 6/1 (2005)

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        1.    Sarah Oates, Cognitive Systems Research Vol. 6, No. 1 (2005)

Message 1: Cognitive Systems Research Vol. 6, No. 1 (2005)

Date: 24-Mar-2005
From: Sarah Oates <>
Subject: Cognitive Systems Research Vol. 6, No. 1 (2005)

Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.

Journal Title: Cognitive Systems Research
Volume Number: 6
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: March 2005

Subtitle: Special Issue: The Best Papers from ICCM2004

Main Text:

Special Issue of Cognitive Systems Research - The Best Papers from ICCM2004

Edited by Christian D. Schunn, Marsha C. Lovett, Christian Lebiere and Paul Munro

1. Introduction to the best of ICCM2004 EDITORIAL
Pages 1-3
Christian D. Schunn, Paul Munro, Christian Lebiere and Marsha C. Lovett

2. Streak biases in decision making: data and a memory model
Pages 5-16
Erik M. Altmann and Bruce D. Burns

3. On the resolution of ambiguities in the extraction of syntactic categories
through chunking
Pages 17-25
Daniel Freudenthal, Julian M. Pine and Fernand Gobet

4. Adapting to the task environment: Explorations in expected value
Pages 27-40
Wayne D. Gray, Michael J. Schoelles and Chris R. Sims

5. Deciding when to switch tasks in time-critical multitasking
Pages 41-49
Yelena Kushleyeva, Dario D. Salvucci and Frank J. Lee

6. Soar-RL: integrating reinforcement learning with Soar
Pages 51-59
Shelley Nason and John E. Laird

7. A computational exploration of double dissociations: modes of processing
instead of components of processing
Pages 61-69
Daragh E. Sibley and Christopher T. Kello

8. Specifying ACT-R models of user interaction with a GOMS language
Pages 71-88
Robert St. Amant, Andrew R. Freed and Frank E. Ritter

9. The data learning problem in cognitive architectures
Pages 89-97
Richard M. Young

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Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
                            Cognitive Science

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