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Sun Mar 27 2005

Disc: Re: 16.894, Disc: Abolishing Fund Drive

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        1.    Madalena Cruz-Ferreira, RE: Abolishing Fund Drive Once and For All?
        2.    Nick Caffrey, Fund Drive

Message 1: RE: Abolishing Fund Drive Once and For All?

Date: 26-Mar-2005
From: Madalena Cruz-Ferreira <>
Subject: RE: Abolishing Fund Drive Once and For All?

Hi there, you valiant lot

I get cardiac arrhythmia every time the Fund Drive is on and no-one is
paying any attention to it and what it means. It gets worse with every
message from you and the very real risk of losing the Linguist List
altogether. For the sake of my health, here are my two cents on your
posting today:

> We could start charging subscription fees to receive emails, or to access
the site, or both.

I vote, *strongly*, "Aye", for emails, site or both. Why on earth should
you have to beg, as you so rightly put it, in order to be able to provide *us*
with a service that we literally can't do without? Your site says:
>a mailing list with over 20,000 subscribers worldwide

for a USD 50,000 Fund Drive a year, right? That's not a lot per
subscriber, and I don't mind paying more than the arithmetical average to
cover students, etc. who subscribe but can't afford to pay. If I pay USD 50
yearly to access Blackwell's Labs, why not pay the same to Linguist, which
covers abstracts and infinitely more?

>We could enforce payment for various topics, such as jobs and

And since I presume publishers pay you for book announcements, how
about charging them for published reviews too? I've ordered several books
for my university library over several years because of what Linguist reviews
said about them. I'm sure I'm not the only one. The publishers are making
money on Linguist reviews, why shouldn't you, who provide the service and
besides do free publicity to their goods in this way?

Whew!! Thanks for letting me get this off my chest!


Madalena Cruz-Ferreira
Dept. English Language and Literature
National University of Singapore

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Message 2: Fund Drive

Date: 26-Mar-2005
From: Nick Caffrey <>
Subject: Fund Drive

Dear crew,
Having just read your posting about the fund drive today, I am moved to write.
I am not in the academic linguist circuit. I did my Master's in Discourse
Analysis some eight years ago as a (very) mature student. The linguist list is
my only live contact with the discipline I have loved since I was a teenager, as
I now live in a very remote place and do not have access to a University library.

I have no difficulty with the yearly fund drive, nor do I consider it begging.
You shouldn't feel that it is, either. The service the list provides is
excellent, informative, thought provoking and at times hilariously funny. Your
enthusiastic and continuing efforts on behalf of the linguistic community mean
that you are quite entitled to ask for funds. I sometimes wonder what would
happen if Anthony or Helen were to cease their involvement, as it seems to me
that they are the driving forces behind the list.

I contributed for the first time last year, and will do so again. I am very glad
you are there, linguist crew!

Nick Caffrey

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

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