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LINGUIST List 17.1818

Fri Jun 16 2006

All: Bulletin: Posting to LINGUIST List

Editor for this issue: Ann Sawyer <sawyerlinguistlist.org>

To post to LINGUIST, use our convenient web form at http://linguistlist.org/LL/posttolinguist.html
        1.    Ann Sawyer, Bulletin: Posting to LINGUIST List

Message 1: Bulletin: Posting to LINGUIST List
Date: 22-May-2006
From: Ann Sawyer <sawyerlinguistlist.org>
Subject: Bulletin: Posting to LINGUIST List

Dear LINGUIST List Readers,

In 2005, LINGUIST List posted over 4,000 messages of interest to the
linguistics community (a breakdown by topic appears at the bottom of this
message). If you have an item you would like to submit for posting to the
List, we invite you to make use of our webforms. These simple-to-use forms:

- Ensure that we collect all of the information that readers might need
- Add an entry to our searchable database
- Generate an email message that will be distributed to the List
- Create a webpage on our site (See 'Read LINGUIST' on the homepage)

To access the webforms, visit our homepage (http://linguistlist.org/) and
click 'Post to LINGUIST' in left side bar menu.

For speedy access in the future, just add the 'Post to LINGUIST' URL to
your browser's toolbar:


Select a Topic for your posting from the scrollable menu, and the form will
collect everything we will need to post your item. If you are unsure which
topic to select, or which linguistic subfield to choose, click on the sun
icons labeled 'Help' / 'Need Help on Posting' found throughout the forms
and site.

If your question concerns a particular Topic area, you can also get help
directly from the editor in charge of that area:

All - Ann Sawyer, sawyerlinguistlist.org
Books - Maria Moreno-Rollins, marialinguistlist.org
Calls for papers - Kevin Burrows, kevinlinguistlist.org
Conference announcements - Kevin Burrows, kevinlinguistlist.org
Discussions on various topics - Ann Sawyer, sawyerlinguistlist.org
Dissertation Abstracts - Meredith Valant, meredithlinguistlist.org
FYIs - Svetlana Aksenova, svetlanalinguistlist.org
Jobs - Amy Renaud, renaudlinguistlist.org
Media postings - Amy Renaud, renaudlinguistlist.org
Queries - Jessica Boynton, jessicalinguistlist.org
Book reviews - Maria Moreno-Rollins, marialinguistlist.org
Summaries of query responses - Jessica Boynton, jessicalinguistlist.org
Tocs - Maria Moreno-Rollins, marialinguistlist.org
Support for students - Amy Renaud, renaudlinguistlist.org
Software - Svetlana Aksenova, svetlanalinguistlist.org

Submit a conference announcement, review a book, let us know about an
interesting article you read, tell your fellow linguists about a new and
wonderful software tool, post a job. Your submissions make LINGUIST List
the hive of linguistics activity and information that your colleagues enjoy
and depend upon.

Thank you for your continuing use of the site, and your support,



2005 LINGUIST List issues, by topic:

All 28
Books 668
Calls 860
Confs 316
Disc 93
FYI 223
Jobs 598
Qs 349
Reviews 432
Sums 66
TOC 32
Support 60
Software 7
Dissertations 142
Media 80

Other Stats:
Number of Linguistics Programs: 1103

Linguists in our Directory: 13195

Number of Reviews: 1225 (Since Jan 2002)

Number of Books Announced Monthly: 280

Number of Web Resources: 2538
(http://linguistlist.org/tools/index.html and

Number of Dissertation Abstracts: 1185

Linguistic Field(s): Not Applicable
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