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LINGUIST List 17.2461

Fri Sep 01 2006

All: LINGUIST List: General Information

Editor for this issue: Ann Sawyer <sawyerlinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Ann Sawyer, LINGUIST List: General Information

Message 1: LINGUIST List: General Information
Date: 01-Sep-2006
From: Ann Sawyer <sawyerlinguistlist.org>
Subject: LINGUIST List: General Information

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers, 

Welcome to the start of another academic year! Here are some items of
general information and instruction regarding LINGUIST List to get you
under way.

Periodically, we like to take the opportunity to remind our readers that we
never (no, not ever) distribute attachments to the List. Attachments are
commonly used by spammers to gain entry to your system and wreak havoc.
Unfortunately, LINGUIST List accounts are frequently targeted by spammers
to achieve their goal of widespread distribution for their 'work', and
spammers mask their messages by making it appear as though they were sent
by LINGUIST. Two ways you can tell that the email you have received was
NOT sent to you by LINGUIST List are:

1) An attachment is present
2) The email is signed 'Virtually', or 'Virtually Yours'

If you receive an email in which either of these conditions is present, you
can be sure it did not originate here - delete it immediately. For the
same reason, LINGUIST cannot accept email attachments either.

If you received this message in your email inbox, you are already
subscribed. Do you know someone else who might like to subscribe? Would
you prefer to read your LINGUIST List issues via RSS feed rather than
having them delivered to your email account? Perhaps you wish you could
limit the issues delivered to those covering only a particular LINGUIST
List Topic?

To learn more subscribing and unsubscribing:

RSS feed:

Topic setting: http://listserv.linguistlist.org/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=linguist&A=1

III. Posting to LINGUIST List
Posting to LINGUIST List is now a simple matter of filling in a webform.
Upon receipt of your submission, a LINGUIST editor will review your item,
and take action on it within 48 hours. If you have an item you would like
to submit for posting on LINGUIST, visit this URL:


As a result of using this web form, your posting on LINGUIST List will be
searchable by keywords, linguistic subfield, and/or subject language. If
for some reason you are unable to use the web form, please let us know by
sending a message to linguistlinguistlist.org.

IV. Reading LINGUIST List
If you subscribe, you will receive LINGUIST List issues via email, or RSS.
You can also view every item LINGUIST has posted on the web by visiting
our homepage at http://linguistlist.org/ , and clicking on Read LINGUIST,
found in the left-side menu bar. Or just bookmark the page:


As always, please contact us with any questions and/or comments. If you
are reading this message, you are a member of the linguistics community,
and as a member of that community, your input is valuable in helping us
make this site maximally useful for you.

Thanks to all of you who support our students and services at LINGUIST
List. For a list of supporters, or to become a supporter, visit these URLs:



Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

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