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LINGUIST List 18.1041

Fri Apr 06 2007

Confs: Phonetics,Phonology/Netherlands

Editor for this issue: Jeremy Taylor <jeremylinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Marc van Oostendorp, Segments and Tone

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Message 1: Segments and Tone
Date: 02-Apr-2007
From: Marc van Oostendorp <Marc.van.OostendorpMeertens.knaw.nl>
Subject: Segments and Tone

Segments and Tone

Date: 07-Jun-2007 - 08-Jun-2007
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contact: Marc van Oostendorp
Contact Email: MarcvanOostendorp.nl

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics; Phonology

Meeting Description:

'Segments and tone' is a two-day workshop on the relations between
segmental structure and tonal phenomena, both from a synchronic and from a
diachronic, and both from a phonetic and from a phonological perspective.

June 7, 2007 (Thursday)

10.00 10.45 Larry Hyman (Berkeley, USA): Coda Constraints on Tone
10.45 11.30 Michael Becker (UMass, Amherst, USA) and Peter Jurgec (Tromsø,
Norway): Tone/ATR interactions in Slovenian
11.30 12.15 Ben Hermans and Marc van Oostendorp (Meertens Instituut, the
Netherlands): Can low tone trigger velarization?

12.15 13.00 Lunch Break

13.00 13.45 Yiya Chen (Nijmegen, the Netherlands): F0 and segment interaction in
Shanghai Chinese

13.45 14.30 Cathryn Donohue (University of Nevada, Reno, USA): The tone-vowel
interaction in Fuzhou revisited
14.30 15.15 Maike Prehn (Meertens Instituut, the Netherlands): Phonological
representation of phonetically long vowels in low German

15.15 15.45 Tea

15.45 16.30 Dave Odden (Ohio State, USA): Features impinging on tone

16.30 17.15 Diana Apoussidou & Norval Smith (University of Amsterdam, the
Netherlands): Recessive accent in Ancient Greek revisited

June 8, 2007 (Friday)

10.00 10.45 Carlos Gussenhoven (Nijmegen, the Netherlands): Durational
enhancement as the cause of vowel quality correlations with Limburgian tones
10.45 11.30 Paul Boersma (Amsterdam, the Netherlands): Two reanalyses in
Franconian tonogenesis
11.30 12.15 Björn Köhnlein (Meertens Instituut, the Netherlands) ''Rule B'' in
the Franconian tone accent area: Accent reversal in Arzbach (Westerwald)

12.15 13.00 Lunch Break

13.00 13.45 Laura Downing (ZAS, Berlin, Germany): On pitch lowering not linked
to voicing: the case of Southern Bantu depressors
13.45 14.30 Wolfgang Kehrein (Amsterdam, the Netherlands): There's no tone in
Cologne. How to analyze tone-voice interactions in Franconian without tone or voice
14.30 15.15 Gessiane Picanço (Museu Emilio Goeldi / Federal University of Pará,
Brazil): A conflict between /?/ and tone

15.15 15.45 Tea

15.45 16.30 Charles Kisseberth and Erez Volk (Tel Aviv, Israël): Theoretical
implications of depressor consonants

16.30 Concluding remarks

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