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LINGUIST List 18.1042

Fri Apr 06 2007

Confs: General Ling/USA

Editor for this issue: Jeremy Taylor <jeremylinguistlist.org>

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        1.    James Kirby, 43rd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

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Message 1: 43rd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society
Date: 03-Apr-2007
From: James Kirby <jkirbyuchicago.edu>
Subject: 43rd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

43rd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society
Short Title: CLS 43

Date: 03-May-2007 - 05-May-2007
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Contact: James Kirby
Contact Email: cls43uchicago.edu
Meeting URL: http://humanities.uchicago.edu/orgs/cls

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

43rd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 43)

Registration will take place on-site. Registration fees are $25 for students,
$50 for faculty.

Please check the conference website <http://humanities.uchicago.edu/orgs/cls/>
for updates including room numbers and possible changes to the conference program.

Thursday, 3 May - Morning

Gradience in Grammar I

Elsi Kaiser (USC), Jeffrey Runner (Rochester), Rachel Sussman (Rochester) and
Michael Tanenhaus (Rochester): On the interplay of syntactic and semantics
effects on anaphor resolution
Philip Hofmeister, Ivan Sag & Neal Snider (Stanford): Empirical investigations
in syntactic islands
Greville Corbett (U Surrey): Gradience in morphosyntactic features
Philip Hofmeister (Stanford): Improving filler-retrieval in dependency processing

Invited Speaker: Tom Wasow (Stanford)

Thursday, 3 May - Afternoon

Gaps, Exceptions, & Paradigm Defectiveness

Andrea Sims (Northwestern): Why defective paradigms are, and aren't, the result
of competing morphological patterns
Matthew Baerman (U Surrey): The diachrony of defectiveness
Fidele Mpiranya (U Chicago): On context-driven agreement and asymmetric vowel
harmony in Bantu
Rashad Ullah (Yale): A diachronic and semantic account of a defective paradigm

Main Session: Syntax & Semantics

Shigeki Taguchi (UConn): Japanese middles and nonmovement

Tamina Stephenson (MIT): Indicative conditionals have relative truth conditions

Effi Georgala and John Whitman (Cornell): Ditransitive and applicative structure
in Greek

Yoko Hasegawa (UC-Berkeley): Demonstratives in soliloquial Japanese

Invited Speaker: Kie Zuraw (UCLA)

Friday, 4 May - Morning

Gradience In Grammar II

Gaja Jarosz (UMass-Amherst): Restrictiveness in phonological grammar and lexicon

Hahn Koo and Jennifer Cole (UIUC): Gradient perceptual facilitation from
perceptual knowledge

Jie Zhang, Yuwen Lai, and Craig Turnbull-Sailor (U Kansas): Effects of phonetics
and frequency on the productivity of Taiwanese tone sandhi

Marc Ettlinger (UC Berkeley): An exemplar-based approach to opacity

Syntax of WH-Structures I

Acrisio Pires (U Mich) & Heather Taylor (U Maryland): The syntax of wh-in-situ
and common ground

Jeroen van Craenenbroeck (CRISSP/Brussels): Where do wh-phrases go in a split CP?

Robert Truswell (UCL): Locality of movement and individuation of events

Edith Aldridge (Northwestern): Wh-indefinites: their origin and relation to

Invited Speaker: R. Harald Baayen (MPI-Nijmegen)

Friday, 4 May - Afternoon

Variation in Semantics I

Daniel Buring (UCLA): When 'less' is 'more' (and when it isn't)

Xiao Li (Rutgers): The semantics of Chinese verbal comparativesYael Fuerst
(Yale): Information structure and the Hebrew ze-zero alternation

I-wen Lai (UT-Austin): Conditionals and counterfactuality in Iquito
Invited Speaker: Chris Kennedy (U Chicago)

Saturday, 5 May - Morning


Seunghun J. Lee (Rutgers): Glottal stop and tone in Burmese
Charles Chang (UC-Berkeley): The status of voicing and breathy phonation as cues
to Korean Laryngeal Contrast

Hye-Sook Lee (Cornell): Focus gives way to non-focus: asymmetrical focal
prominence in North Kyungsang Korean

Martha Tyrone, Gaurav Mathur, & Louis Goldstein (Haskins Labs): The phonetics
and phonology of movement in ASL

Variation in Semantics II

Aviad Eilam, (UPenn): The crosslinguistic realization of -ever

Nilufer Sener (UConn): Domain vagueness and the epistemic background

Xie Zhiguo (Cornell): Non-veridicality and existential polarity wh-phrases in

Urtzi Etxeberria (IKER-CNRS): Definites can be existentially interpreted

Invited Speaker: Lisa Matthewson (UBC)

Saturday, 5 May - Afternoon

Syntax of WH-Structures II

Michael W. Dickey and Cynthia K. Thompson (Northwestern): Neurolinguistic
evidence for the (non-) unity of wh-structures

Clemens Mayr (Harvard): French stylistic inversion as an argument for specifiers
on the right

Robert Kluender (UCSD): Neurocognitive constraints on wh-structures
Ingo Reich (U Tübingen): From Phases to Across-The-Board movement

Invited Speaker: Jim McCloskey (UCSC)

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