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LINGUIST List 18.1083

Tue Apr 10 2007

All: Summer Internships: LINGUIST List

Editor for this issue: Ann Sawyer <sawyerlinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Anthony Aristar, Internships Available at the LINGUIST List: Summer 2007

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Message 1: Internships Available at the LINGUIST List: Summer 2007
Date: 10-Apr-2007
From: Anthony Aristar <aristarlinguistlist.org>
Subject: Internships Available at the LINGUIST List: Summer 2007

The LINGUIST List has a limited number of internships available this summer,
tenable in the LINGUIST offices in Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, Michigan. LINGUIST's
staff consists of both graduate students and programmers, and is involved not
only in building infrastructure for the discipline but also in National Science
Foundation research projects. Thus the successful applicants will have an
opportunity both to participate in the normal workings of the LINGUIST List and
to learn about the interaction between linguistics, computers and research.

The interns will primarily work on two of the National Science Foundation
projects for which LINGUIST has received funding, MultiTree and LL-Map.

The successful applicants will receive a stipend of $1200 per month.

All applications should be sent via email to Anthony Aristar, co-Moderator of the
LINGUIST List, at the address aristarlinguistlist.org. These should include a
brief letter describing why you think you would be suitable for an internship,
as well as your resumé.

A brief description of the MultiTree and LL-Map follows:

MultiTree: A Digital Library of Language Relationships

MultiTree is a project being undertaken by The LINGUIST List to create a digital
library of scholarly hypotheses about language relationships and subgroupings.
This information will be organized in a searchable database with a web
interface, and each hypothesis will be presented graphically as an interactive
diagram of a family tree, accompanied by information on all of the languages
involved and the authors and bibliographical sources of the hypothesis. It will
interact with the LL-MAP Project, a geolinguistic database which will provide
users a fully functional Geographical Information System through which
linguistic data - including subgrouping information - can be viewed in its
geographical context. Both these databases will be integrated with the existing
LINGUIST List databases, providing access to a wealth of information on related
books, articles, dissertations, and conferences.

This will be a valuable resource for students as well as for scholars. With
detailed information about a particular classification so easily available, we
hope to provide an easy way to propose and test new hypotheses. Scholars other
than linguists - for instance historians, archaeologists, ethnographers and
geneticists - will be able to use MultiTree as well, as they explore the
relationship between prehistoric movements of peoples and cultures, and the
spread of languages across the Earth.

The MultiTree project is funded by a three-year grant from the National Science
Foundation. Its Principal Investigators are Anthony Aristar and Helen
Aristar-Dry of Eastern Michigan University, co-founders of LINGUIST List.
Martha Ratliff of Wayne State University is the co-PI. A panel of advisors,
including Language Technology experts and distinguished linguists from
comparative and historical linguistics, typology and specific language areas,
will be regularly consulted throughout the duration of the project.

LL-MAP: Language and Location: A Map Annotation Project

LL-Map is a project designed to integrate language information with data from the
physical and social sciences by means of a Geographical Information System
(GIS). One of the most important parts of the project will be a language
subsystem, which will relate geographical information on the area in which a
language is or has been spoken to data on resources relevant to the language.
Through a link to the MultiTree project, complete information on all proposed
genetic relationships of the languages will also be available and viewable in a
geographic context. To ensure that language data is placed in context, and to
provide a basis upon which to build hypotheses about language movement across
territory, information on topography, political boundaries, demographics,
climate, vegetation, and wildlife will be available through the GIS. Cultural
information such as religion, ethnic groups, transportation, and economics, will
also be included.

The LL-MAP system will encourage collaboration between linguists, historians,
archaeologists, ethnographers and geneticists, as they explore the relationship
between language and cultural adaptation and change, and will elicit new
insights and hypotheses. It will also benefit education by building a
captivating and comprehensive instructional tool, which presents complex data in
a way accessible to all educational levels. And, finally, as a free service
available online, LL-MAP will benefit the general public, increasing knowledge
of lesser-known languages and cultures and underlining the importance of
language and linguistic diversity to cultural understanding and scientific inquiry.

LL-Map is a joint project of Eastern Michigan University and Stockholm
University, as well as numerous other partners in both the USA and Australia,
which is funded by a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation. The
Institute for Geospatial Research and Education (IGRE) is also helping in the
project development. The principal investigators are Helen Aristar Dry and
Anthony Aristar of Eastern Michigan University, co-founders of LINGUIST List,
Dr. Veronica Grondona of Eastern Michigan University, and Dr. Yichun Xie of
Eastern Michigan University and IGRE.

Anthony Aristar, aristarlinguistlist.org
Director, Institute for Language Information & Technology
Moderator, LINGUIST
Principal Investigator, EMELD Project
Professor of Linguistics
Linguistics Program
Dept. of English
2000 Huron River Dr, Suite 104
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
URL: http://linguistlist.org/aristar/

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

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