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LINGUIST List 18.1193

Thu Apr 19 2007

Confs: Linguistic Theories/UK

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        1.    Raffealla Folli, On Linguistic Interfaces

Message 1: On Linguistic Interfaces
Date: 18-Apr-2007
From: Raffealla Folli <r.folliulster.ac.uk>
Subject: On Linguistic Interfaces

On Linguistic Interfaces
Short Title: ONLI

Date: 01-Jun-2007 - 03-Jun-2007
Location: Jordanstown, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Contact: Raffaella Folli
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL: http://www.socsci.ulster.ac.uk/comms/onli/

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories

Meeting Description:

In recent years, the study of the interaction between different levels of
linguistic knowledge has attracted increasing interest. In order to speak
or understand a language we need to access different mechanisms whose
interaction cannot be fully appreciated from a non-integrated approach.
This workshop aims to bring together scholars who have been working on
these issues providing cross-section, cutting-edge accounts of developments
in the interfaces between phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax,
semantics, and pragmatics. The workshop will provide a forum for discussion
of methods, theoretical perspectives, and accounts of the interaction
between components of the language faculty.

Invited Speakers (abstract selection committee):

Artemis Alexiadou, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Andrea Gualmini, McGill University, Montreal
Carlos Gussenhoven, Radbound University, Nijmegen
Heidi Harley, University of Arizona, Tucson
Kyle Johnson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Jamal Ouhalla, University College Dublin, Dublin
Lisa Travis, McGill University, Montreal
John Wilson, University of Ulster, Jordanstown

School of Communication, University of Ulster
Humanities Research Institute, University of Ulster

June 1 - 3, 2007
University of Ulster, Jordanstown Campus

Friday June 1

9.00 Opening by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Richard Barnett

9.30- 10.30
Key note Speaker:
Kyle Johnson, UMass

10.30- 11.00
Matthew Whelpton, University of Iceland
Building Resultatives in Icelandic Syntax Semantics

11.00- 11.30
Robert Truswell, UCL
The Interaction of Event Structure and Wh-Movement

11.30- 12.00
Coffee Break

12.00- 12.30
Gillian Ramchand, University of Tromsø
The Syntax and Semantics of Path Across Categories

12.30- 13.00
Nigel Duffield, University of Sheffield
Some Structural Consequences of Unintentional Causes (and vice versa)

13.00- 14.00
Lunch Break

14.00- 15.00
Key note Speaker:
Heidi Harley, University of Arizona
Affixation and the Mirror principle

15.00- 15.30
Naoko Tomioka, UQAM
Word-internal modification without the syntax-morphology interface

15.30- 16.00
Reiko Vermeulen, UCL
Non-topical wa-phrases in Japanese

16.00- 16.30
Coffee Break

16.30- 17.00
Shu-ing Shyu, National Sun Yat-sen University
Focus Interpretation of the Zhi Associated Arguments in Triadic Constructions

17.00- 17.30
Peter Ackema, University of Edinburgh
Restrictions on subject extraction: pure syntax or an interface phenomenon?

17.30- 18.30
Key note Speaker:
Artemis Alexiadou, University of Stuttgart
VS patterns in a cross-linguistic perspective

Saturday June 2

9.30- 10.30
Key note Speaker:
Andrea Gualmini, University of Utrecht
Scope ambiguity in child language: Old and new problems

10.30- 11.00
Rothman, Jason L, The University of Iowa
When Syntax Interfaces with Pragmatics: The L2 Distribution of Subject Pronouns

11.00- 11.30
Elsi Kaiser, University of Southern California, Jeffrey T. Runner,
University of Rochester, Rachel S. Sussman, University of
Wisconsin-Madison, Michael K. Tanenhaus, University of Rochester
Picturing the syntax/semantics interface during on-line processing

11.30- 12.00
Coffee Break

12.00- 12.30
Ayumi Matsuo, University of Sheffield
Differing Interpretations of Empty Categories in English and Japanese VP
Ellipsis Contexts (Syntax Semantics)

12.30- 13.00
Dora Alexopoulou, University of Lille III & Frank Keller, University of
Intrusive resumption and d-linking in English and Greek. Syntax/Semantics

13.00- 14.00
Lunch Break

14.00- 15.00

Poster Session

Ute Bohnacker, Lund University
Syntactic and information-structural patterns in advanced learners of Swedish

Yasuyuki Fukutomi, Fukushima University
Japanese Right Dislocation: A Preliminary Study

J.-R. Hayashishita, University of Otago
On the nature of the inverse scope

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour & Jaklin Kornfilt, Syracuse University
The Syntax and Prosody of Turkish ''Pre-stressing'' Suffixes

Jieun Kiaer, Ruth Kempson, King's College London
Incremental Construal of Left-/Right Peripheral NPI and Syntax/Phonology
Interface: evidence from Korean

Chien-Jer Charles Lin, National Taiwan Normal University
Processing (In)alienable Possessions at the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Jonathan McDonald, University of Cyprus
The event feature: a universal property of inner aspect

Yusoke Sato, University of Arizona
Switch Reference and Control at the Syntax-Morphology Interface: An
AGREE-based Account

Nigel Duffield & Ayumi Matsuo, University of Sheffield
Knowing What to Leave Out, Online, in VP-ellipsis: Evidence from Eye-Tracking

Anthi Revithiadou, University of the Aegean; Vassileios Spyropoulos,
University of the Aegean & Melita Stavrou, Aristotle University of
Clitic climbing in the DP? A case study of the syntax-phonology interface

15.00- 16.00
Key note Speaker:
Jim Scobbie, Queen Margaret University College
Interface and Overlap in Phonetics and Phonology

16.00- 16.30
Jonathan Howell, Cornell University
Second occurrence focus and the acoustics of prominence

16.30- 17.00
Coffee Break

17.00- 17.30
Sang-Cheol Ahn & Juhee Lee , KyungHee University
Loan adaptation of laryngeal features

17.30- 18.30
Key note Speaker:
John Wilson, University of Ulster
Face-Off at the Interface: The extended mind and its implications for
linguistic theory

Sunday June 3

9.30- 10.30
Key note Speaker:
Lisa Travis, Mc Gill University
Syntactic Phases and Late-Adjunction: Evidence from Navajo morpho-phonology

10.30- 11.00
Toru Ishii, Meiji University
On PF-LF Mismatch Phenomena

11.00- 11.30
Ben Braithwaite, University of Sheffield
Word-internal Phases in Nuuchahnulth and the Syntax-Phonology Interface

11.30- 12.00
Coffee Break

12.00- 12.30
Sarah Collie, University of Edinburgh
English stress preservation and the nature of the morphology-phonology

12.30- 13.00
Suwon Yoon, University of Chicago
An Experimental Approach to Intervention Effect Asymmetry: Processing &
Syntax-Phonology Interface

13.00- 14.00
Lunch Break

14.00- 14.30
Ute Bohnacker, Lund University, Christina Rosén, Växjö University
Interaction of syntax and discourse pragmatics in closely related
languages: How native Swedes, native Germans, and Swedish-speaking learners
of German start their sentences

14.30- 15.00
Ismael Iván Teomiro García, Autonomous University of Madrid
A minimalist approach to agrammatic comprehension

15.00- 16.00
Key note Speaker:
Jamal Ouhalla, University College, Dublin
Interpretability at the Morphology-Phonology Interface


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