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Thu Sep 06 2007

Confs: General Linguistics/UK

Editor for this issue: Jeremy Taylor <jeremylinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Dora Alexopoulou, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Relative Clauses

Message 1: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Relative Clauses
Date: 05-Sep-2007
From: Dora Alexopoulou <ta259cam.ac.uk>
Subject: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Relative Clauses
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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Relative Clauses
Short Title: REL07

Date: 13-Sep-2007 - 15-Sep-2007
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Contact: Dora Alexopoulou
Contact Email: ta259cam.ac.uk
Meeting URL: http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/2006-7/relativeclauses.html

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

Interdisciplinary approaches to Relative Clauses (REL07)
13-15 September 2007
Venue: Law Faculty, Sidwick Site, University of Cambridge

Website: http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/2006-7/relativeclauses.html
Contact: Dora Alexopoulou (ta259cam.ac.uk)

Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge
Department of Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Invited Speakers
Bernard Comrie (Max Planck Leipzig)
Elisabet Engdahl (Gothenburg)
Suzanne Flynn (MIT)
Edward Gibson (MIT)
Ed Keenan (UCLA)
Ruth Kempson (King's College, London)
Colin Phillips (Maryland)
Florian Jaeger (Rochester) and Tom Wasow (Stanford)

Organizing Committee:
- Dora Alexopoulou (Lille)
- Bernard Comrie (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
- John Hawkins (Cambridge)
- Gaby Hermon (Delaware)
- Ruth Kempson (King's College, London)
- Teresa Parodi (Cambridge)
- Colin Phillips (Maryland)
- Ian Roberts (Cambridge)
- Tom Wasow (Stanford)
- John Williams (Cambridge)

Department of Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge
The Scandinavian Studies Fund, University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)
Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH),
University of Cambridge

Please address any administrative enquiries to Anna Malinowska at apm50cam.ac.uk.


Rooms: All plenary sessions are at LG18; all A sessions are at LG18; all B
sessions are at LG17.

Wednesday 12th of September
6.00-8.00pm: registration and wine reception at the Foyer of the English Faculty

Thursday 13th September
8.30-9.00: Registration (Law Faculty Atrium)
9.00-9.15: Welcome

9.15-10.15: Ed Keenan (UCLA): Relative Clauses without extraction.

10.15-10.45: Coffee

10.45-11.15: David Willis (Cambridge): The limits of resumption in Welsh
Relative Clauses.

11.15-11.45: Philomen Probert (Wolfson College, Oxford): Case marking in early
Greek relative clauses.

11.45-12.15: Harry J.Tily (Stanford): The processing complexity of English
relative clauses: local efficiency guides language-wide change.

12.15-12.45: Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip (Hong-Kong): Internally headed
relative clauses in Cantonese: Typological, developmental and processing

12.45-2.00: Lunch

2.00-3.00: Elisabet Engdahl (Gothenburg): Extractions from relative clauses and
information structure.

3.00-4.00: Bernard Comrie (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,
Leipzig): More thoughts on rethinking the typology of relative clauses.

4.00-4.30: Coffee

SESSION A1 (parallel--Rm LG18):
4.30-5.00: Yusuke Kubota and E. Allyn Smith. (Ohio): Linking semantic and
pragmatic factors in the Japanese Internally Headed Relative Clause.

5.00-5.30: Corinna Anderson (Yale): Discourse specialization in correlatives: A
south Asian perspective.

SESSION B1(parallel--Rm LG17):
4.30-5.00: Dalina Kallulli (Vienna): Concealed Relatives, resumption and
vehicle change with null pronominals.

5.00-5.30:Volker Struckmeier (Cologne). Relative Clauses and closely related
structures in German: Attributive Agreement as a unified head.

5.30-6.00: Jaklin Kornfilt: Explaining Typological Correlations in Turkic
Relative Clauses (Syracuse).

Friday 14th September
9.00-9.30: Nayoung Kwon, Robert Kluender, Maria Polinsky and Marta Kutas (San
Diego): Processing advantages of subject gaps: Syntactic and referential
gap-filler dependencies in Korean.

9.30-10.00:Angel Chan, Elaine Lau, Elena Lieven and Michael Tomasello (Max
Planck, Leipzig): Cantonese children's acquisition of relative clauses:
cross-linguistic comparisons with English and German children.

10.00-10.30: Gabriella Hermon (Delaware), Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse) and Ozge
Ozturk (Delaware) : The Acquisition of Head-final Relative Clauses in Turkish.

10.30-11.30: Coffee+Posters

11.30-12.30: Colin Phillips (Maryland): Generating Relative Clauses.

12.30-1.45: Lunch

1.45-2.45: Susanne Flynn (MIT): Off with their heads: first, second and third
language learners prefer their relatives headless.

2.45-3.00: Break (no coffee)

SESSION A2 (parallel--Rm LG18):

3.00-3.30: Silke Brandt, Evan Kidd, Elena Lieven and Michael Tomasello (Max
Planck). Taking a closer look at object relatives: what do children need to

3.30-4.00: Inbal Arnon (Stanford): On child and adult use of resumptive
pronouns: children are sensitive to distribution in the target language.

4.00-4.30: Flavia Adani, Maria Teresa Guasti and Heather van der Lely (Milano,
UCL): Relative clause comprehension in English children: the role of number

SESSION B2(parallel--Rm LG17):

3.00-3.30: Maria Teresa Guasti and Arosio Fabrizio (Milano). Children's
processing of Italian relative clauses disambiguated through agreement on the
embedded verbs.

3.30-4.00: Chiara Branchini (Urbino): Italian Sign Language Relative Clauses:
evidence for a stricter relation between IHRCs, FRs and correlatives.

4.00-4.30: Francesca Panzeri (Milano): Interpreting Mood in Relative Clauses.

4.30-5.15: Coffee+Posters

5.15-6.15: Ted Gibson (MIT): Relative clauses: A window onto the working memory
system underlying sentence processing.

Saturday 15th September
SESSION A3(parallel--Rm LG18):

9.00-9.30:Nancy C. Kula and Lutz Marten (Leiden,SOAS): The prosody of relative
clauses in Dynamic Syntax: a Bemba case study.

9.30-10.00: Ted Briscoe and Paula Buttery (Cambridge). The Influence of Prosody
and Ambiguity on English Relativization Strategies .

10.00-10.30: Dora Alexopoulou and Frank Keller (Lille, Edinburgh): Resumption
and islands in relative clauses: comparisons with questions.
SESSION B3(parallel--Rm LG17):
9.00-9.30: Choon-Kyu Lee and Karin Stromswold (Rutgers): Comprehension of
relative clause-containing sentences in Korean adults.

9.30-10.00: Fuyun Wu, Todd Haskell, Elsi Kaiser and Elaine Andersen (WWU, USC):
Factors in the use of relative clauses in Mandarin: behavioral and corpus evidence.

10.00-10.30: Chun-chieh Hsu and Jenn-Yeu Chen (Chen-Kung): A new look at the
subject-object asymmetry: The effects of linear distance and structural distance
on the processing of head-final relative clauses in Chinese.

10.30-11.00: Coffee

11.00-12.00: Ruth Kempson (King's, London): Verb-Final Languages, Head-Internal
Relatives and the Dynamics of Language Processing.

12.00-1.00: Florian Jaeger (Rochester) and Tom Wasow (Stanford):
Probability-Sensitive Reduction and Uniform Information Density.

1.Jacqueline van Kampen (Utrecht): (Dutch) relatives pronouns from a
learnability point
of view.

2.Yvonne Lin (Cambridge): An Empirical Study of Resumptive Pronouns in
English-Chinese Interlanguage Restrictive Relative Clauses.

3.Hyun Kyung Bong (Nagoya): The status of the empty operator movement in second
language acquisition.

4.Evelina Fedorenko and Ted Gibson (MIT): A working memory based account of
animacy effects in the processing of relative clauses.

5.Nayoung Kwon, Yoonhyoung Lee, Robert Kluender, Maria Polinsky and Peter Gordon
(San Diego,North Carolina) Pre-nominal subject relatives are easier to process
with or without context: An eye-tracking study in Korean.

6.Chien-Jer Lin and Thomas Bever (National Taiwan, Arizona). Processing
doubly-embedded head-final relative clauses.

7. Jana Haeussler and Markus Bader (Konstanz): The Processing of Relative
Clauses - Some Notes on Agreement Checking.

8.Eduardo Kenedy, Marcus Maia and Armanda Costa (Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon). The
antinaturality of prepositional pied-piping in relative clauses.

9.Tuyuan Cheng and Hintat Cheung (Taiwan): Online Processing of Mandarin
Relative Clause Constructions: Evidence from Cross-Modal Lexical Decision Task.

10. Roger Levy, Evelina Fedorenko and Ted Gibson (San Diego, MIT). The
syntactic complexity of Russian Relative Clauses.

11. Eugenio R. Luján (Madrid). Diachronic stability and instability in
internally headed relative correlative clauses.

12. Loreley Hadic Zabala (Simon Fraser) The segmentation of Spanish relative

13. Yoshiko Matsumoto (Stanford). Japanese Relative Clauses and Noun-Modifying
Constructions: Integration of Frames.

14. Eleni Miltsakaki and Paschalia Patsala (UPenn, Thessaloniki). Processing
relative clauses at the discourse level.

15. Maria Andriana Príncipe Cardoso (Lisbon), Head Internal relative clauses in
the history of Portuguese.

16. Elena Kalinina (Moscow), Specificational Relative Clauses in the Languages
of Daghestan.

17. David Gil (Max Planck), Jakarta Indonesian does not have relative clauses.

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