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LINGUIST List 18.2858

Mon Oct 01 2007

Confs: General Linguistics/USA

Editor for this issue: Stephanie Morse <morselinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Mircea Sauciuc, Mid America Linguistics Conference

Message 1: Mid America Linguistics Conference
Date: 29-Sep-2007
From: Mircea Sauciuc <mcsku.edu>
Subject: Mid America Linguistics Conference
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Mid America Linguistics Conference
Short Title: MALC

Date: 26-Oct-2007 - 28-Oct-2007
Location: Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Contact: Sara Rosen
Contact Email: rosenku.edu
Meeting URL: http://www.linguistics.ku.edu

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Kansas is pleased to
announce that it will be hosting the 2007 Mid-America Linguistics
Conference (MALC). The conference will take place on October 26-28 2007 at the
University of Kansas campus in Lawrence.

This conference covers all areas of linguistics, including (but not
restricted to) phonology, phonetics, syntax, semantics, pragmatics,
historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, neurolinguistics, and
psycholinguistics. Interdisciplinary papers will also be featured. This
year's meeting will feature special interest sessions on
Psycho/Neurolinguistics, Endangered Languages, and/or African Languages.

2007 Mid-America Linguistics Conference Program

Friday October 26, 2007

Registration opens

Syntax and Siouan Languages Sessions

''Delta QP: quantifier raising reformulated as covert topic/focus movement''
Toshikazu Ikuta

''Omaha language and culture textbook progress report''
Mark Awakuni-Swetland and Rory Larson

''Exploring the focus-morphology: morphosyntactic aspects of non-prosodic focus''
Carmen Parafita and Michael Putnam

''The Otoe-Missouria Flag Song''
Jill Greer

''Why unergatives select themselves a fake reflexive''
Kyle Grove

''Compounding and incorporation: an analysis of the Siouan language family''
Gail Adams

''Innovation in relativization: the new Spanish possessive relative el cual su N''
Manuel Delicado-Cantero

''Unusual grammaticalization paths in Lakota: from tkh√° 'but' to aspect and
modality markers''
Regina Pustet


Neurolinguistics and Phonology Sessions

''Effects of prior syntactic information on thematic role processing: an
event-related potentials study in Spanish''
Clare Stroud and Colin Phillips

''Emergentism and OT: a compromise''
David Teeple

''Dopamine in grammatical processing: an fMRI investigation in Parkinson's
Toshikazu Ikuta, Laura Murray, and Sharlene Newman

''Accounting for 'moving' reduplication patterns in Mangap-mbula''
John Kyle

''An MEG study on semantic priming''
Diogo Almeida, Ellen Lau, and David Poeppel

''Consonant cluster alternations in Pawnee: an Optimality Account''
Masanori Deguchi


Neurolinguistics and Less Commonly Studied Languages Sessions

''Neuromagnetic evidence for the early computation of formant ratios in vowel
Philip Monahan and William Idsardi

''On verbs of separation in Emai''
Ronald Schaefer

''Effects of native language and training on speaker normalization in lexical
tone perception: a behavioral and event-related potential study''
Ratree Wayland, Edith Kaan, Christopher Barkley and Mingzhen Bao

''The Amharic reduplicative verb: a word-based account''
Kevin Schluter

''Agreement attraction in comprehension: representations and processes''
Ellen Lau, Matthew Wagers and Colin Phillips

''Ideophones in Temne''
Sullay Kanu


Phonetics and Semantics Sessions

''Perception of English high vowels: duration as a cue by Korean speakers of
Ji-Yeon Lee

''Japanese experiential -te iru as an individual-level construction''
Mamori Sugita

''An Acoustic Analysis of Lexical Stress Cues in Speakers' First and Second
Languages: English and Arabic''
Joan Sereno and Wael Zuraiq

''A Neo-Davidsonian analysis of gradable adjectives''
Scott Fults

Greetings and Salutations from Joseph Steinmetz, Dean of the College of Liberal
Arts and Sciences
Invited Speaker: Russell Schuh, UCLA

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Syntax and Phonology Sessions

''Tough-movement and nominalized infinitives in French''
Marc Authier and Lisa Reed

''A gestural approach to regressive assimilation and nasals in Pali''
Benjamin Schmeiser

''Do heads behave like phrases?''
Stroik and Michael Putnam

''Stress in the trigger of Chamorro umlaut''
Aaron Kaplan

''Infinitival yet and sentential aspect''
Justin Kelly

''The adaptation of English coda /r/ in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese loanword
Li-jen Shih

''Constituent word order in matrix wh-questions in Cajun Vernacular English:
'What the word order is?' ''
Richard Winters

''Mandarin Lexical Tone Recognition: Gating Paradigm''
Yuwen Lai and Jie Zhang


Syntax and Mayan Languages Sessions

''Pair-list vs. Single pair readings in multiple wh free relatives and
Catherine Rudin

''Levels of bilingual knowledge in Kaqchikel Maya Children''
Ivonne Heinze Balcazar

''Spurious coordination in Vlach multiple wh-fronting''
Jason Merchant

''Placeless consonants and linguistic change in Kaqchikel Mayan''
S.J. McGovern

''The Chadianmei + V Structure in Mandarin''
Haiyong Liu

''Identity, Modernity and Language shift in Kaqchikel Maya adolescents''
Ivonne Heinze Balcazar

Lunch on the town

Phonetics and Semantics Sessions

''Acoustic and perceptual correlates of emphasis in Urban Jordanian Arabic''
Allard Jongman, Sonja Combest, and Wendy Herd

''Evidence for pragmatic stability in the Portuguese affirmative responsive system''
Meghan Armstrong

''Phonetic realizations of prominence among lexical tones in Mandarin Chinese''
Mingzhen Bao and Ratree Wayland

''A solution toward bettering the validity of the language acceptability
assessment elicitation procedure''
Ludovic Kovalik

3:00 ''An acoustic and perceptual analysis of /t/ and /d/ in flaps in American
Wendy Herd

''The denotation and morphosyntax of bare nouns in Javanese: Against the
nominal mapping parameter''
Yosuke Sato

''Can prosodic cues accurately identify constituent boundaries with
cross-dialectal homophones? With as a particle in the Upper Midwest English
John M. Spartz

''The parameterization of plural markings in classifier languages''
Jaeshil Kim

50th Anniversary tribute
Invited Speaker: David Poeppel

Party at Spring Hill Suites

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Phonetics and Phonology and Siouan Languages Sessions

''Syllable onsets in Germanic''
Marc Pierce

''An analysis of some Biloxi particles and clitics''
David Kaufman

''Variation and change in front rounded vowels of Chinese Korean''
Wenhua Jin and David J. Silva

''Another Look at the Role of the Definite Articles in (Omaha-)Ponca''
Kathleen Shea

''Extra harmonic vowel in Chicahuaxtla Trique''
Kosuke Matsukawa

''Word and morpheme-level code-switching in Crow''
Randolph Graczyk

''A historical study of the Persian vowel system''
Rohany Rahbar

''The Hidatsa mood markers revisited''
John Boyle

Break in Blake 418

Less Commonly Studied Languages and Semantics Sessions

''Verb complexes in K'iche' and Q'anjob'al''
Clifton Pye

''Wh-in situ in Bahasa Indonesia and Choice Function''
Yosuke Sato and Dwi Hesti Yuliani

''The Acquisition of Verb Complexes in K'iche and Q'anjob'al''
Pedro Mateo

''Grounding, negation and aspect in Russian''
Stephen Dickey and Susan Kresin

''Comparative sentences in Hui'an Southern Min''
Weirong Chen

''Talmy's typology and three types of spatial PP in Japanese''
Seiki Ayano

''Postposition and information status in a head-final free word order language''
Bryan Gordon

''Information structure in English nominal phrases''
Jim Feist

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