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LINGUIST List 18.3089

Mon Oct 22 2007

All: Wikipedia Update Project, Focus: Sociolinguistics

Editor for this issue: Ann Sawyer <sawyerlinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Roxana Newman, Wikipedia Update Project, Focus: Sociolinguistics

Message 1: Wikipedia Update Project, Focus: Sociolinguistics
Date: 19-Oct-2007
From: Roxana Newman <roxanalinguistlist.org>
Subject: Wikipedia Update Project, Focus: Sociolinguistics
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Dear Subscribers and Readers, 

We are now well into the academic year, when many linguistics students have
undoubtedly been clicking away on their well-worn bookmark to Wikipedia to
check out topics for their class assignments. And what a wealth of
information there is for them to consult. Were you aware that there are
already hundreds and hundreds of Wikipedia pages and articles, each with
numerous links to other articles and subfields, for the field of
linguistics alone!

As you may recall, The LINGUIST List started a "Wikipedia Update Project"
in mid-June in response to a pledge we had made to you to organize such an
effort. We reasoned that those who might be in the best position to
make any corrections and additions would be you, our community of 25,000
scholars and readers that make up the readership of LINGUIST. A recent
chronicler of the Wikipedia phenomenon has suggested that academics need to
accept its open-based collaborative model and view further contributions to
it as a unique form of community service scholarship: "We are in a position
to contribute to the construction of individual articles in a uniquely
positive way by taking the time to help clean up and provide balance to
entries in our professional areas of interest" (Daniel Paul O'Donnell, If I
were "You": How Academics Can Stop Worrying and Learn to Love "the
Encyclopedia that Anyone Can Edit." The Heroic Age. Issue 10, May 2007;

We are more than half-way through the time we had set aside for this
project, which is to the end of December 2007. While we have made some
headway, we have frankly not received as great a response from volunteers
as we had hoped for. In our last update call, we drew your attention to
Wikipedia's own pages of article "stubs" in the subfields of morphology,
phonetics, syntax, and, earlier, biographies of linguists. Would any of our
readers be willing to check out such flagged stubs as, e.g. benefactive
case, continuant, dependency grammar, and Ilse Lehiste, currently listed in
those pages?

The target of today's letter is sociolinguistics. Please consider the short
list of stub articles under sociolinguistics that is appended to this
message,noted with their Wikipedia URLs and a short explanation of what is

To edit any Wikipedia page, click on the link, “Edit this article,” located
at the top of the screen. After you have typed in your changes and saved
them, the new text will become immediately available to other online
readers. Please keep in mind Wikipedia’s guidelines, found at:

And please be sure to let us know of any editing activities you do on
behalf of our Wikipedia Update Project. We will even help you post it to
Wikipedia if you send us the text.

In the meantime, we gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the
following people who have provided these latest updates to linguistics
--Biolinguistics - addition by Anna-Maria Di Sciullo, University of Québec
at Montréal
--List of linguists - additions by Oliver Steven, SIL
--R.M.R. Hall - created by Procrastinatrix
--Yaghan language - updated by Jess Tauber, Oakland, NJ
--Tamil language - updated by Sanford Steever and E. Annamalai
--Rochelle Lieber - created by Patricia Irwin, New York University

You are welcome to track the overall progress of our collective efforts at:


As always, the LINGUIST List is grateful for your continued participation
in the Wikipedia Update Project. We would be delighted to hear from you if
you have any questions or points of discussion to share. Please contact us
at: hannahlinguistlist.org, or roxanalinguistlist.org.

Best regards,
Roxana Ma Newman and Hannah Morales

Apparent-time hypothesis (incomplete--empty links: age graded variation,

Code shifting (incomplete):

Decreolization (incomplete--empty link to Keith Whinnom):

Dialect levelling (incomplete):

Dialectology (incomplete--section on data collection methods):

Diaphone (incomplete):

Diaspora language (incomplete--references missing):

Jargon code (incomplete):

Language convergence (incomplete):

Language merger (incomplete--references missing):

Linguistic divergence (incomplete):

Mergant dialect (incomplete):

Real-time hypothesis (article missing)

Sociolect (incomplete):

Sound change (incomplete--references missing):

Variable vs variant (in sociolinguistics) (article missing)

Variationist sociolinguistics (article missing)

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

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