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LINGUIST List 18.447

Thu Feb 08 2007

Calls: General Linguistics/South Korea; General Linguistics/Germany

Editor for this issue: Ania Kubisz <anialinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Ik-Hwan Lee, The 18th International Congress of Linguists
        2.    Paul Law, Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a More Comprehensive View of Austronesian Morphosyntax

Message 1: The 18th International Congress of Linguists
Date: 07-Feb-2007
From: Ik-Hwan Lee <ihleeyonsei.ac.kr>
Subject: The 18th International Congress of Linguists

Full Title: The 18th International Congress of Linguists
Short Title: CIL 18

Date: 21-Jul-2008 - 26-Jul-2008
Location: Seoul, Korea, South
Contact Person: Ik-Hwan Lee
Meeting Email: ihleeyonsei.ac.kr
Web Site: http://cil18.org

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Call Deadline: 31-May-2015

Meeting Description:

We are pleased to announce that the 18th International Congress of Linguists
will be held from July 21 through 26, 2008, at Korea University, Seoul, Korea.
Those who are interested in submitting abstract to the Parallel Sessions and/or
Workshops are invited to apply. You may refer to the following description and

18th International Congress of Linguists (CIL 18)
2nd Circular

July 21-26, 2008
Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Organized by the Linguistic Society of Korea

Under the auspices of the Permanent International Committee of Linguists (CIPL)

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, Republic
of Korea

- Important Dates:
Deadline for Abstract Submission: May 31, 2007
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: August 31, 2007

- Submission of Abstracts: Organizers of Parallel Sessions & Organizers of Workshops

A more specific Call-for-Papers of Parallel Sessions and Workshops will be
announced separately.

I. Parallel Sessions of Designated Topics
(1) Language, mind and brain
Organizer: Gary Libben (gary.libbenualberta.ca.)
(2) Information structure
Organizer: Manfred Krifka (krifkarz.hu-berlin.de)
(3) Language policy
Organizer: Bernard Spolsky (spolskmail.biu.ac.il)
(4) Intercultural pragmatics, language and society
Organizer: Shoshana Blum-Kulka (mskcusbmscc.huji.ac.il)
(5) Historical and comparative linguistics
Organizer: Brian D. Joseph (bjosephling.ohio-state.edu)
(6) Phonetics and phonology
Organizer: Donca Steriade (steriademit.edu)
(7) Lexical semantics
Organizer: Sebastian Löbner (loebnerphil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de)
(8) Tense, aspect and modality
Organizer: Johan van der Auwera (auwerachello.be)
(9) Computational linguistics
Organizer: Hans Uszkoreit (uszkoreitdfki.de)
(10) Syntax
Organizer: Farrell Ackerman (ackermanling.ucsd.edu)

II. Workshops
(1) Interface Conditions
Organizer: Anna Maria Di Sciullo (www.interfaceasymmetry.uqam.ca)
(2) English for Intercultural Communication in Asian Contexts
Organizer: Angel Lin (AngelLincuhk.edu.hk)
(3) Silent Issues in Linguistic Theory
Organizer: Hee-Don Ahn (hdahnkonkuk.ac.kr)
(4) Speech Sciences in Linguistics
Organizer: (Hyun-Gi Kim (hyungkchonbuk.ac.kr)
(5) Formal Approaches to the Relation of Tense, Aspect and Modality
Organizer: Yukinori Takubo (ytakubobun.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
(6) Contrastiveness in Information Structure and/or Scalar Implicatures
Organizers: Chungmin Lee and Ferenc Kiefer (cleesnu.ac.kr;
(7) Language Diversity: Through the perspective of Descriptive Linguitics
Organizer: Kayo Nagai (k_nagaitc4.so-net.ne.jp)
(8) Writing Systems and the Linguistic Structure
Organizer: Sang-Oak Lee (sangoaksnu.ac.kr)
(9) Current Issues in Linguistic Interfaces
Organizer: Jong-Yurl Yoon (jyyoonkookmin.ac.kr)
(10) Language and Gender
Organizers: Hye-Sook Kim, Kathlen Ahrens, & Ik-Hwan Lee
(hskimkonyang.ac.kr )
(11) Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics
Organizers: Jin-Wan Kim and Jong-Im Han
(jihanewha.ac.kr; jinwansnu.ac.kr )
(12) Ontology: From Lexical Realization to Formal Ontology
Organizer: Chu-Ren Huang (churenhuanggmail.com)
(13) Features of Translation Universals
Organizers: Euiyon Cho and Soon-Young Kim (choeydongguk.edu)
(14) Doing English Linguistics Through Corpora
Organizers: Kee-Ho Kim, Jong-Bok Kim & Gwang-Yoon Goh
(jongbokkimgail.com )
(15) Argument Realization in Asian Languages
Organizer: Henry Y. Chang (henryylcgate.sinica.edu.tw)
(16) Lexis-Grammar Interface
Organizer: Eric Laporte ( eric.laporteuniv-mlv.fr )
(17) Syntactic Parameters
Organizers: Niina Zhang and Youngjun Jang (lngnzccu.edu.tw )

- Registration Fees
(1) Pre-registration (before December 31, 2007): USD 60
- Participants: USD 60
- Accompanying: USD 30
- Students: USD 15
(2) On-Site registration (after January 1, 2008)
- Participants: USD 80
- Accompanying: USD 40
- Students: USD 20
- Registration covers full participation of CIL 18 including parallel sessions
and workshops.

- Transportation and Accommodation
Please visit our website (http://CIL18.org ) for information about
transportation, accommodation and more.

Address of the Local Organizing Committee:
c/o Ik-Hwan Lee, College of Liberal Arts, Yonsei University,
Seoul 120-749, Republic of Korea
Tel. +82-2-365-4290, +82-2-2123-2315
Fax. +82-2-313-4290, +82-2-393-3513
E-mail: ihleeyonsei.ac.kr
Message 2: Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a More Comprehensive View of Austronesian Morphosyntax
Date: 06-Feb-2007
From: Paul Law <lawzas.gwz-berlin.de>
Subject: Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a More Comprehensive View of Austronesian Morphosyntax

Full Title: Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a More Comprehensive View of
Austronesian Morphosyntax

Date: 13-Sep-2007 - 15-Sep-2007
Location: Berlin, Germany
Contact Person: Hans-Martin Gaertner
Meeting Email: bfezas.gwz-berlin.de

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Language Family(ies): Austronesian

Call Deadline: 28-Feb-2007

Meeting Description:

The Conference 'Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a more comprehensive
view of Austronesian morphosyntax is aimed at bringing together researchers
focusing on aspects of Austronesian morphosyntax other than grammatical
relation, voice and transitivity marking. There will also be a one day special
session on 'Sentence Types and Speech Act Marking in Austronesian Languages.'

Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a More Comprehensive View of Austronesian

Second Call for Papers

Call Deadline: 28-Feb-2007 Main Session (13-14 Sep 2007):
Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a more comprehensive view of
Austronesian morphosyntax

Austronesian languages are justly famous for their unusual systems of
grammatical relation, voice and transitivity marking. Not surprisingly then
the large majority of studies published on aspects of Austronesian
morphosyntax deal with this subject area. Concomitantly, there is a
tendency to overlook the fact that languages of this family show a host of
other morphosyntactic phenomena which pose fascinating problems for
typology and grammatical theory. These include:

- a large variety of multi-predicate constructions, including serial verbs,
complex predicates and auxiliary or ''pseudo-verb'' constructions;
- morphosyntactic restrictions on clause chaining;
- classifier systems of various degrees of complexity;
- clausal and phrasal constituent structures which show both
configurational and non-configurational properties;
- complex systems of directional particles and verbs;
- morphologically marked modality distinctions (realis vs. irrealis);
- large inventories of clitics with heterogeneous functions and formal
- gerunds and other types of nominalizations;
- different types of optional plural marking;

We invite proposals for contributions to any of these and related topics.
Studies on these topics often will also have implications for the
well-known issues regarding the analysis of grammatical relations, voice
and transitivity, and contributors are welcome to make these implications
explicit. However, the main topic of the paper should be clearly outside,
and go beyond, the 'canonic' topics just mentioned.

The time slot for contributions is 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for
discussion. There will be no parallel sessions and thus only 14 slots for
the papers in addition to the invited papers.

Invited speakers are:
Isabelle Bril (CNRS, Paris)
Daniel Kaufman (Cornell University)
Paul Kroeger (GIAL, Dallas)
Ulrike Mosel (University of Kiel)

There will be an additional lecture by:
Malcolm Ross (ANU Canberra)

Special Session (15 Sep 2007):
Sentence Types and Speech Act Marking in Austronesian Languages

We invite proposals focusing on sentence types and speech act marking in
Austronesian languages. We welcome talks addressing the particular
grammatical means (intonation, word order, particles etc.) a particular
language or group of languages uses for distinguishing sentence types,
where by ''sentence type'' we mean both the major and minor illocutionary
force indicating types (declarative, interrogative, imperative,
exclamative) as well as types of subordinate clauses (relative,
conditional, concessive etc.). Analyses of concomitant semantic and
pragmatic peculiarities are equally welcome.

There will be 7 slots for 30 + 10 minute contributions (talk + discussion).

Deadline for electronic submission of anonymous abstracts (500 words max +
examples and references, if any; abstract submission as PDF): 28 Feb 2007

Abstracts should be sent to: bfezas.gwz-berlin.de.

Submission is limited to one single-authored and one co-authored abstract
per person. The body of your e-mail should include title of contribution,
name, affiliation, and contact address. It should be indicated there whether
the abstract is contributed to the main or special session.

The conference website will later be available at

Program Committee (main session):
Walter Bisang (University of Mainz)
Isabelle Bril (CNRS, Paris)
Hans-Martin Gärtner (ZAS, Berlin)
Nikolaus Himmelmann (University of Bochum)
Daniel Kaufmann (Cornell University)
Paul Kroeger (GIAL, Dallas)
Ulrike Mosel (University of Kiel)

Program Committee (special session):
Hans-Martin Gärtner (ZAS, Berlin)
Paul Law (ZAS, Berlin)
Joachim Sabel (UC Louvain)

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