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LINGUIST List 18.909

Mon Mar 26 2007

Calls: Anthropological Ling,Gen Ling,Socioling/China; Gen Ling/USA

Editor for this issue: Ania Kubisz <anialinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Daming Xu, Language, Urbanization, and Ethnic Identities
        2.    Tom Finholt, 3rd International Conference on e-Social Science

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Message 1: Language, Urbanization, and Ethnic Identities
Date: 24-Mar-2007
From: Daming Xu <xudamingnju.edu.cn>
Subject: Language, Urbanization, and Ethnic Identities

Full Title: Language, Urbanization, and Ethnic Identities
Short Title: LUEI-ICAES2008

Date: 16-Jul-2008 - 18-Jul-2008
Location: Kunming, China
Contact Person: Daming Xu
Meeting Email: xudamingnju.edu.cn
Web Site: http://www.iccsl3.com

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; General Linguistics;

Call Deadline: 15-Apr-2007

Meeting Description:
The colloquium is to discuss issues of language and ethnic identities in the
contexts of globalization and urbanization. In the world today we see sweeping
trends of industrialization and urbanization of unprecedented scales. These
bring in tremendous amounts of population movement, ethnic contact and mixture,
and cross-cultural communication, and with all their concatenated problems. A
recently-developed field of research, Urban Language Survey, as is called
sometimes, is a cross-disciplinary attempt to address the relevant issues, with
a focus on the roles of language in the dynamic process of urbanization.
Progress has been made in areas such as typological studies of urban and rural
language situations, the formation process of urban speech communities, migrant
speech communities, communication problems in urban encounters, etc. These areas
of study have attracted researchers of different disciplines from various parts
of the world. The researchers address questions of general linguistics and
sociolinguistics, while keeping a practical interest in upholding cultural
diversity and ethnic harmony.
The colloquium is part of ICAES16.

The 16th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethological Sciences
(ICAES) will be held in July 2008, in Kunming, China. Under the main theme of
''Humanity, Development and Cultural Diversity'', 150 organizational sessions
and academic sessions will be held. Colloquium on Language, Urbanization, and
Ethnic Identities will be part of ICAES 16th.

Colloquium theme: Language, Urbanization, and Ethnic Identities
The colloquium focuses on issues of language and ethnic identities in the
contexts of globalization and urbanization, including non-exclusively topics
such as ethnic language contact and mixture, cross-cultural communication, urban
speech communities, migrant speech communities, communication problems in urban
encounters, etc.

Abstracts are invited for 20-minute talks (followed by 10 minutes for questions)
addressing any topic in the area of ''Language, Urbanization, and Cultural
Diversity''. Related issues are also welcome.

The organizing committee for the colloquium consists of Xu Daming of Nanjing
University, ME van den Berg of Leiden University, and Werner Kallmayer of
University of Mannheim/IDS.

Submission guidelines:
- Abstracts (and talks) may be in English or Chinese.
- Authors may submit only one abstract for the Conference.
- Send one copy of a one page abstract for review
- Abstract may be submitted only by E-mail. (Please submit the abstract as an
attachment. Use WORD format, Times New Roman Font, 12-point font size. In the
body of your E-mail include the following information: title of paper, name,
academic affiliation, address, E-mail, phone and fax number.)
- Deadline: All submissions must be received by April 15, 2007.

Send submissions to:
Yang Yuguo: gxyyg163.com
Wang Ling: njsabrina163.com

For further information, please visit:
Message 2: 3rd International Conference on e-Social Science
Date: 23-Mar-2007
From: Tom Finholt <finholtumich.edu>
Subject: 3rd International Conference on e-Social Science

Full Title: 3rd International Conference on e-Social Science
Short Title: ESS

Date: 07-Oct-2007 - 09-Oct-2007
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Contact Person: Tom Finholt
Meeting Email: finholtumich.edu
Web Site: http://ess.si.umich.edu

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Call Deadline: 15-May-2007

Meeting Description:
The aim of this NSF-sponsored conference on e-Social Science is to bring
together international representatives of the social science and
cyberinfrastructure research communities in order to create better mutual
awareness, harmonize understanding, and instigate coordinated activities to
accelerate research, development, and deployment of cyberinfrastructure to
support the social science research community.

3rd International Conference on e-Social Science
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
October 7-9, 2007

Initial Announcement and Call for Submissions

We invite contributions from members of the social science and
cyberinfrastructure research communities with experience of - or interests in -
exploring, developing, and applying new methods, practices, and tools that are
facilitated by cyberinfrastructure in order to further social science research,
and in studying the wider development of cyberinfrastructure-enabled research
and its component technologies.

Details of submission topics and formats can be found at

Online registration is now open.

Deadlines: paper abstracts: May 15th, 2007.
Workshop proposals: May 31st, 2007.
Poster abstracts: June 30th, 2007.

Conference chair: Tom Finholt, University of Michigan, USA

Program co-chairs:
Gary Olson, University of Michigan, USA
Rob Procter, University of Manchester, UK

NSF program officer: Terry Langendoen, NSF, USA

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