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LINGUIST List 18.975

Sat Mar 31 2007

Confs: Applied Ling/USA

Editor for this issue: Jeremy Taylor <jeremylinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Sai Emrys, 2nd Language Creation Conference

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Message 1: 2nd Language Creation Conference
Date: 29-Mar-2007
From: Sai Emrys <conlangssaizai.com>
Subject: 2nd Language Creation Conference

2nd Language Creation Conference
Short Title: LCC2

Date: 01-Jun-2007 - 03-Jun-2007
Location: Berkeley, California, USA
Contact: Sai Emrys
Contact Email: conlangssaizai.com
Meeting URL: http://conlangs.berkeley.edu

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

Meeting Description:

The Language Creation Conference (LCC) discusses constructed languages,
techniques for creating languages, and issues relating to the language creation

Ever wondered to what extent the languages of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series
are languages? Or whether the unbreakable linguistic universals that are
claimed to underlie all languages are truly unbreakable? Or perhaps how to say,
''Where's the restroom'' in Klingon? If so, or if you're a fan of language in
any form, come check out the Second Language Creation Conference July 7-8 at UC

On the agenda are several in-depth talks ranging in subject matter from language
games, to the problematic nature of the success of a created language--including
a keynote address by David Salo, the linguist in charge of bringing Tolkien's
languages to the screen in the recent Lord of the Rings film trilogy. In
attendance will be language creators from all over the country--some who have
been working lovingly on their creations for forty or more years, and others who
continually try to push the boundaries of what a language can do, rather than
being satisfied with what naturally evolved languages currently do. Come to
chat about languages (created or natural), hear some great talks, participate in
several panel discussions and workshops, and take in the atmosphere of downtown
Berkeley in summer.

For more information, and to see videos of talks from the First Language
Creation Conference, go to the LCC website:


And register for the next LCC at


For more detailed information about the conference, see the registration
announcement below.

Hello again everyone!

We're proud to announce that the second Language Creation Conference (LCC2) is a go.

LCC2 will be held the weekend of July 7-8 at UC Berkeley in the MLK Student
Union Building's beautiful Tilden Room (same place as last year):


Come to Berkeley for the conference on the 7th and 8th, and come on Friday to
meet and greet fellow conlangers.

Register now!

Our current lineup of speakers and events (subject to change):

David Salo - Giving Historical Depth to Language Construction
James Gang - Verbotomy
Jim Henry - Glossotechnia
John Clifford - The Problems with Success: What happens when an opinionated
conlang meets its speakers
John Quijada - Language Personalities: How the Interplay of Phonology,
Phonotactics and Morpho-phonology Creates a Linguistic Aesthetic
Lila Sadkin - Tenata: Dissolving Lexical Categories

Language-Specific Minitalks:
David J. Peterson - The Evolution of Sidaan
Sylvia Sotomayor - Verblessness in Kelen

Panels and Audience Discussions:
Evangelizing the Secret Vice (w/ Donald Boozer, David Peterson, and Sai Emrys)
Incorporating Conlangs into Your Life

Conlanging 101: Vocabulary Generation (Parallel tracks: beginner and advanced)

Live Conlang Relays (bring your notes!)

There are some more talks in the works (and perhaps a couple surprises not yet
listed), and it's not too late to add yourself, too--just contact us with a
proposal through the registration form linked to below. We are particularly
interested in having more people come to speak for 15 minutes about some of the
intricacies and innovations of their own linguistic creations. For more
information about giving a 15 minute talk on some of the finer points of your
conlang, contact a board member immediately.

Like last year, we encourage you to make a page or two of things to share with
everyone. It'll be printed in the program that's given to all attendees. All you
need to do is email us your content (grayscale, PG-rated, and commercial free
please), preferably in a common and easily stitched-together format like .doc,
.rtf, .png, high-res .jpg, etc. Share some sentences in your language(s), a
puzzle, a short essay, a poem, a nifty (con)linguistic feature, a
conlang-related resource, pretty art, or anything else that'd be of interest to
a bunch of linguistically savvy conlangers!

Conference housing is at Stern Hall, a short walk across campus from the
conference site. The cost per room is $57 per day or $342 per week, single OR
double occpancy; reservations are free. Register online ASAP because it's first
come first serve after May 15th, and make sure to mention the ''Language
Creation Conference'' in your reservation. Their website has information about
local airport shuttle services that can take you there.


If you'd like any information about Berkeley and the surrounding area (travel to
and from, restaurants, fun things to do on the weekend), contact David Peterson,
a former local with lots of local contacts, at peterson.dj gmail.com.

The conference fee is $35 for 1.5 days, and includes lunch on the full day.
Donations apart from that are of course welcome and tax-deductible. The reduced
early registration fee (received between now and May 15th) is $25.

If the registration fee is too high for your situation or if you would like a
fee waiver because you hold some special status, that's okay--just let us know.
We are more than happy to accept donations of time (particularly during set up
and tear down) in lieu of money.

Register at http://lcc.questionform.com/public/LCC2-Timing

Please make checks payable to ''ASUC / Language Creation Society'' and send them to:

Language Creation Society
c/o Sai Emrys
1232 E 19th St #212
Oakland, CA 94606

In other news, the Language Creation Society 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation is
going through the necessary paperwork to come into formal existence; we hope to
soon start doing even more to help the conlanging community expand, establish
new forums of expression, and gain broader acceptance both in the eyes of
academia and the general public.

The Board of Directors of the Language Creation Society consists of Sally Caves
aka Sarah L. Higley, John E. Clifford, David G. Durand, Sai Emrys aka Ilya
Starikov, Arnt Richard Johansen, David J. Peterson, And Rosta, Kenji Schwarz,
Henrik Theiling, and Ellen Wright. LCS memberships wll be available once
paperwork is completed, and a newwebsite is planned. Feel free to contact us to
discuss this or future conferences, our upcoming journal, or anything else
related to our mission.

- Sai
LCS director, LCC organizer

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