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Tue Nov 04 2008

Confs: Language Documentation/Greece

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        1.    Elizabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou, 1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Tradition

Message 1: 1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Tradition
Date: 04-Nov-2008
From: Elizabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou <emaenl.auth.gr>
Subject: 1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Tradition
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1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Tradition

Date: 07-Nov-2008 - 09-Nov-2008
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Contact: Elizabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou
Contact Email: emaenl.auth.gr; nick_athanas8hotmail.com
Meeting URL: http://www.enl.auth.gr/icldt-Ka

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation

Meeting Description:

The theme of the conference is the documentation, description and revitalization
of endangered languages as well as the role of tradition and culture for the
maintenance and promotion of such languages. The Kalasha language and tradition
have been chosen as a case study regarding both its linguistic and cultural
links to Ancient Greece. Moreover, practical suggestions concerning language
documentation processes (e.g. fieldwork projects) and language revitalization
methods (e.g. dictionary/grammar formats, textbooks, etc.) will be most welcome.

The conference will have two aspects, (a) the linguistic and (b) the culture and
tradition aspect of endangered languages, focusing on Kalasha as a case study.
The audience will be academics from both the Linguistics and the Anthropology
and Culture Departments.

International Conference on Endangered Language Documentation and Tradition with
a special interest in the Kalasha of the Hindu Kush Valleys, Himalayas
7-9 November 2008

All events at Aristotle University: Faculty of Philosophy (New Wing) & Central
Library Amphitheatre


Friday 7 November 2008

Registration - Aristotle University, Central Library Amphitheatre

Welcome Talks

10.00 11.00
Plenary Session
Central Library Amphitheatre
Chair: Elizabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou & Peter Austin (SOAS, London, UK)
Back from the Dead? Documentation and Revitalization of Eastern Australian

Coffee Break

Cacopardo, Augusto S.
The Winter Solstice Festival of the Kalasha of Birir. Some Comparative Suggestions

Das, Alok K
Language Documentation & Changing Faces of Field Linguistics: A Case Study of
Great Andamanese

di Carlo, Pierpaolo
Kalasha Language Maintenance through Tradition Vitality: Intersection of
Language, History and Social Structure in the Prun Festival of the Birir Valley.

Morcom, Lindsay
Parts of Speech and Prototype Theory: Category Overlap in the Northwest Coast
Linguistic Area

Bazik, Talim Khan & Mela-Athanasopoulou, Elizabeth
How many are we?

Austin, Peter
What is Documentary Linguistics and Language Documentation

Darmon, Chloé
Collecting Data in Xamtanga: Negation as a Case Study of Interaction between
Ethio-Semitic and Central Cushitic

Spyropoulou, Maria
Ideophones on French Traditional Songs (XIIIe-XXe Centuries)


Mela-Athanasopoulou, Elizabeth
A Morphophonological Description of Kalasha as an Indo-Aryan Language with
Greek Roots

Marom, Yafit
Tarabin Nuweiba Tribe: An Endangered Bedouin Dialect


Austin, Peter
Creating a Corpus, Research Methods in Consultation and Elicitation

Andreou, Georgia & Kiouloglou, Catherine
An Overview of Verb Formation in the Kalasha Language

Gruzdeva Ekaterina
Archival Data And Modern Language Documentation

Coffee Break

Plenary Session
Chair: Youli Theodosiadou
Elena Bashir, (University of Chicago, USA)
Language Change-Language Loss: Kalasha in Historical Perspective

Central Library Amphitheatre

Saturday 8 November 2008
Perder, Emil
Dameli, A Preliminary Sketch

Esteban, Ivie C.
Language, Tradition and Fragmentary Recollection: Revisiting the Makassar War

Abbi, Anvita
Documenting a Dying Language: Challenges and Solutions

Sivvas, Michalis
Vlach Voices: From the Field to the Web

Kondic Ana
Documentation of a Mayan Language from Mexico

Galani, Alexandra
The Verbal Morphosyntax on an Endangered Language in Greece: Vlach, the
Dialect of Metsovo

Coffee Break

Plenary Session
Chair: Elizabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou

Nikolaous Himmelmann, (Universität Münster)
Linguistic Data Types

Baldi, Sergio
Arabic Loans in Dagbani

Koufogiorgou, Andromachi
A Sociolinguistic Profile of Metsovo, Greece. A Linguistic Scene in Transition.

Weinreich, Matthias
Language Shift in Northern Pakistan. The case of Domaaki and Pashto

Morcom, Lindsay
Corporal Reference in Pokomchi' Personal Derivation and Metaphor


Adebola, Mercy & Abe Olufemi
Problems of Languages in Contact: The Case of Nigerian Languages and English
in Nigeria

Bazik, Talim Khan & Mela-Athanasopoulou, Elizabeth
Videos from the Kalasha Valleys, Fieldwork

Himmelmann, Nikolaus
How to Get Started with a Language Documentation?

Charles, Oni Enoma & Ojomo Jude
Nigerian Languages: Endangered Specie in a Globalized World

Mela-Athanasopoulou, ?lizabeth
The Kalasha Woman Today

Coffee Break

Koumarianou, Maria
Resisting the Melting Pot: Aspects of Linguistic Otherness among the Maronite
Community of Cyprus.

Kizar Sarakat & Sharwali
? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ???????? ??? ?????? (The Wedding Procedure in the
Kalasha Valleys)

Himmelmann, Nikolaus
How to Get Started with a Language Documentation?

Samaroudi, Myrsini & Oikonomou, Daphni
Online Documentation and Preservation of Cultural Content in the ''Grigo''
Speaking Area of Magna Grecia (South Italy)

Bazik, Yasir
??? ??? ????? ??? ?????? (Kalasha Customs and Tradition)

Plenary Session
Chair: Youli Theodosiadou
Augusto S. Cacopardo, (University of Florence, Italy)
The Pre-Islamic World of the Hindu Kush and the Legend of Alexander the Great

Conference Dinner

Sunday 9 November 2008

Janjua, Fauzia
Linguistic Attitude of Kalasha Speakers in Kalcutuk

Cooper, Greg
History is Being Written: Revitalizing Kalasha

Plenary Sessio
Chair: Elizabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou
Jan Heegård Petersen,
Documenting the Spatial Grammar of Kalasha

Coffee Break

di Carlo, Pierpaolo & Perder, Emil
Two Tips of a Former Hindu Kush Linguistic Area?

Regmi, Ambika
Case Marking in Kaike

Regmi, Dan Raj
Developing Orthography in Bhujel

Dimace, Maria & Zafiri, Makrina & Nitjam, Ahmet
The Pomac Language: The Case of Greek Words which have been Recorded

Mariou, Eleni
Pontian Greek Adolescents: The Negotiation of Ethnolinguistic Identities in a
Northern Greek City.

Koui, V., Papadopoulou I. , Migdalia, & G. Mouhika, I.
Dialect Endangerment: The Case of Smyrnaic in Vathylakos

Kyriazis, Doris
''??? ????? ?? ????????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ????????'' ??????????? ????? ???
????????? ????????????????.

Concluding Remarks
Faculty of Philosophy, New Wing, Amphithetre

Packed Lunch

Excursion to Vergina
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