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LINGUIST List 19.361

Thu Jan 31 2008

Confs: General Linguistics/USA

Editor for this issue: Stephanie Morse <morselinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Catherine Lai, Penn Linguistics Colloquium

Message 1: Penn Linguistics Colloquium
Date: 30-Jan-2008
From: Catherine Lai <laicbabel.ling.upenn.edu>
Subject: Penn Linguistics Colloquium
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Penn Linguistics Colloquium
Short Title: PLC 32

Date: 22-Feb-2008 - 24-Feb-2008
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Contact: Catherine Lai
Contact Email: plc32ling.upenn.edu
Meeting URL: http://www.ling.upenn.edu/Events/PLC/

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

The Penn Linguistics Colloquium is an annual conference organized by graduate
students in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. Our
invited speaker this year is Professor Sandra Chung from the University of
California, Santa Cruz. The special session is 'Prosody and its interfaces'.

The 32nd Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium
Jon M. Huntsman Hall
University of Pennsylvania
Feb 22-24, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

Special Session: Prosody and Its Interfaces

3:00 pm
Opening Remarks

3:15 pm
''Accounting for 'free Wackernagel elements': weakness without dependency''
Daniel Kaufman, Cornell University

3:40 pm
''An interface approach to French wh-questions''
Fatima Hamlaoui & Eric Mathieu, University of Ottawa

4:05 pm

4:25 pm
''Syntactic vs. Intonational Focus Marking in Papiamentu''
Tara Sanchez,Vasser College

4:50 pm
''Relativization, intonational phrases, and the left periphery of NP and CP''
Simona Herdan, University of Connecticut

Invited Speaker
Satoshi Tomioka, University of Delaware
''Intervention Effects in Focus''

Saturday, February 23rd

Session 1A: Syntax
Session 1B: Phonetics/Phonology

9:15 am
1A: ''Towards a finer-grained theory of Italian non-finite clausal
Paola Benincá & Christina Tortora, CUNY (College of Staten Island and The
Graduate Center)

1B: ''On the Influence of Phonetics, Phonology, and UG in Loanword Adaptation''
Charles B. Chang, University of California, Berkeley

9:40 am
1A: ''Selectional Asymmetries between CP and DP Suggest that the DP Hypothesis
is Wrong''
Benjamin Bruening, University of Delaware

1B: ''L2 Nonword Recognition and the Phonotactic Constraints''
Anna Mikhaylova, University of South Carolina

10:05 am
1A: ''Tough-Movement and Nominalized Infinitives in French''
Marc Authier & Lisa Reed The Pennsylvania State University

1B: ''A Tale of Two Fricatives: Consonantal Contrast in Heritage Speakers of
Charles B. Chang, Erin Haynes, Russell Rhodes, & Yao Yao, University of
California, Berkeley

10:30 am
1A: ''Italian Reinforcers: DP-internal and left peripheral''
Marco Nicolis, Georgetown University

1B: ''Assessing Similarity Avoidance in the Evaluation of PIE Root Structure
Adam Cooper, Cornell University

10:55 am

Session 2A: Syntax/Semantics
Session 2B: Phonology

11:10 am
2A: ''What Differentiates Two Japanese Exhaustive Focus Particles?''
Sachie Kotani, University of Delaware

2B: ''A Stratal OT Approach to a Noun-Verb Asymmetry with respect to Opacity in
Jiwon Yun, Cornell University

11:35 am
2A: ''Logophoricity vs. Indexical shifting of person pronouns in Korean''
Hyuna B. Kim, University of Southern California

2B: ''Optimality Theory Constraint Demotion fails on plausible grammars''
Joshua Tauberer, University of Pennsylvania

12:00 pm
2A: ''Long-Distance Scrambling, VP-Ellipsis and Scope Economy in Russian''
Svitlana Antonyuk-Yudina, SUNY, Stony Brook

2B: ''Sandhi Sans Derivation: Third Tone Patterns in Mandarin Chinese''
Vera Lee-Schoenfeld & Jason Kandybowicz, Swarthmore College

12:25 pm
2A: ''Adverbs of quantity: Entities of different kinds''
Aniko Csirmaz, University of Utah

2B: ''The Syllable Mirage''
Bridget Samuels, Harvard University

12:50 pm

Session 3A: Syntax
Session 3B: Semantics

2:45 pm
3A: ''Historical Developments in the Marking of English Relative Clauses''
Ariel Diertani, University of Pennsylvania

3B: ''Evidentiality and Source Monitoring in Turkish''
Ozge Ozturk & Anna Papafragou, University of Delaware

3:10 pm
3A: ''Affix Hopping and Do-Support: Evidence from Old Irish''
Glenda Newton, University of Cambridge

3B: ''Evidentiality and German Attitude Verbs''
Tatjana Scheffler, University of Pennsylvania

3:35 pm
3A: ''Three Types of Gender Markedness in Predicative Nouns''
Cynthia Zocca, University of Connecticut

3B: ''The Romanian presumptive and its evidential nature''
Monica Irimia, University of Toronto

4:00 pm
3A: ''Partial Control and Parasitic PC Effects''
Anna Snarska, Adam Mickieiwcz University

3B: ''On Deontic Modality in Spanish''
Maria Biezma, University of Massachusetts Amherst

4:25 pm

Keynote Address
''Chamorro possessives and the syntax-semantics of subjects''
Sandra Chung, University of California, Santa Cruz

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Session 4A: Syntax
Session 4B: Phonetics

10:15 am
4A: ''Quantifier Induced Barriers and Wh-movement''
Shiti Malhotra, University of Maryland, College Park

4B: ''An Acoustic Analysis of Svarabhakti Vowels in Spanish /rC/ Clusters''
Benjamin Schmeiser Illinois State University

10:40 am
4A: ''When 'What' Means 'Why': On Accusative Wh-adjuncts in Japanese''
Chizuru Nakao & Miki Obata, University of Maryland, College Park & University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor

4B: ''Length as a contrastive feature in Vietnamese vowels''
Giang Nguyen, University of Pennsylvania

11:05 pm
4A: ''Double modal syntactic patterns as single modal interactions''
Minta Elsman & Stanley Dubinsky, University of South Carolina

4B: ''Naïve Categorization of American English Vowels''
Douglas S. Bigham, University of Texas at Austin

11:30 pm
4A: ''Linguistic Variation and Lexical Parameters: The Case of Directed Motion''
Minjeong Son, CASTL, University of Tromsø

4B: ''Obstruent Nasals Exist!''
Karthik Durvasula, University of Delaware

11:55 am

Session 5: Syntax IV
12:10 pm
''Case, Agreement, Pro-drop and Extraction: Towards a Unification''
Maia Duguine, EHU-U.Basque Country & U. Nantes

12:35 pm
''Nominalization and Predicate-Fronting: Two Sources of Ergativity''
Jessica Coon & Andrés Salanova, MIT & U. Ottawa

1:00 pm
''Analyzing ti-type and ket-type pseudoclefts in Ilokano''
Jeremy Rafal, City University of New York--The Graduate Center

1:25 pm
''Possessor Extraction in Mandarin Chinese''
Yu-Yin Hsu, Indiana University Bloomington

1:50 pm
End of PLC 32

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