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LINGUIST List 19.777

Mon Mar 10 2008

FD: The Circus has arrived in town!

Editor for this issue: Gayathri Sriram <gayatrilinguistlist.org>

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        1.     linguist, Why do we need your help?

Message 1: Why do we need your help?
Date: 10-Mar-2008
From: linguist <linguistlinguistlist.org>
Subject: Why do we need your help?
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Dear Subscribers:

This is LINGUIST List's seventeenth year of operation. And-you guessed it - this
month is the beginning of our thirteenth Fund Drive. Those of you who have lived
in the United States know that non-profit organizations like Public TV, Public
Radio, and, yes, LINGUIST List, have to depend on subscriber donations for a large
portion of their operating expenses. But Public TV and Radio are partially subsidized
by the government: LINGUIST List is not. We mention this because every year we
receive a message or two suggesting that we apply for government money instead of
depending on donations.

Alas, in the American system, such funding isn't available for institutions like
LINGUIST List. We do get office space and server support from Eastern Michigan
University; and the English Department (in which the Linguistics Program is housed)
generously supports two graduate assistants, who each work 20 hours a week. But
if you have looked at the LINGUIST List website recently, you know that two grad
students working half-time for 8 months a year couldn't possibly maintain our

Most of our standard posting services-e.g., jobs postings, conference and call
postings, book postings, book reviews-require at least two students. The Jobs category
alone has had well over 650 postings this year, and a large proportion of these
'routine' postings require email correspondence with the submitters. We even classify
all postings by linguistic subfield and subject language in order to make them
more easily retrievable and more useful to you. We take pride in meeting a 48-hour
turnaround time on all postings, which means that some students have to be available
on weekends and holidays. And LINGUIST is a year-round operation. For the year
2007, we posted close to 3,900 issues for you to read-at your leisure, of course!
And we archive all our postings so that you can easily search our site for past

But posting is just part of what we do. Our website has over 2000 pages which
have to be maintained and updated for missing or bad links. Reflect for a moment
on what these pages contain: information on 18,040 linguists (many of whom move
often!); publications that include 6,700 book notices, 1520 dissertation abstracts,
2010 book reviews, 1970 academic papers, and 520 journals. We list the websites
of 490 publishers, 180 professional societies, and maintain a database of 130
linguistics mailing lists and their discussions. Finally, there's our searchable
database of information on more than 7,000 unique languages and their families.

This past year, we have been developing several new services that you should know
about. One of these is a free abstract submission and review service designed
especially for organizers of small conferences. This will enable organizers to
customize an abstract submission template to fit their needs, and link it to their
conference website. We'll host the resulting abstract submission and review
facility for free, and give them a service that normally only the bigger conferences
can afford.

Another new service, currently under development, is our "Student Portal." This is
designed for students who are interested in human language. It will provide future
linguists with a broad range of information on the discipline and show them how
to pursue it as a career: how to find appropriate programs, how to pay for one's
education, how to improve one's academic writing and presentation, how to find
the right research tools and resources and good career counseling. It will even
give information on the best ways to find a job.

A third service under development is a facility for advertising linguistic internships.
Similar to our Jobs postings, this will be a list of current linguistic internships
available around the world. It will even include a few summer internships right
here at LINGUIST. This service will feature an upload function for students who
wish to provide resumes, giving both employers and potential interns an easy place
to exchange information.

Some supporters have asked us-very politely-why it takes so many graduate students
to run LINGUIST. If you look at the large number of things we do, you can see why.
Other supporters wonder whether we have other external means of support for the
work we do. We are proud of some of the external grants that LINGUIST has received
over the years: a Sun Microsystems server equipment grant, for example, as well
as several National Science Foundation grants that have helped us develop our web
infrastructure. This is one of the reasons why we have a sophisticated database,
search facilities, and mailing list software. We also received the 5-year E-MELD
grant, Electronic Metadata for Endangered Language Data, which was aimed at developing
linguistic infrastructure for the discipline, and in particular for those involved
in endangered languages work.

As generous as this support has been, however, it only builds facilities which we
must then support all by ourselves. It does not support the many graduate-and some
undergraduate-students who do all the hard work, nor for the training they receive.
For seventeen years, LINGUIST has been dedicated to providing our email and website
services to linguists across the world without cost to the users. And we are
determined to keep it as a free service to you. But this doesn't mean that the
services themselves don't cost money!

Your support is helping produce the next generation of linguists, linguists who
not only have a good grounding in linguistics, but who are especially sophisticated
in the use of language technologies and tools that will ultimately contribute to
preserving knowledge of the world's languages and linguistic structures. We are
very proud indeed of how many of our bright and dedicated LINGUIST assistants go
on to enroll in Ph.D. programs at some of the world's best graduate schools.

So, once again, we are asking those of you with the means to do so to contribute
to the LINGUIST List 2008 Fund Drive. Remember: all of your support and donations
go exclusively to paying our graduate students for their work at LINGUIST. It goes
to those who most need it, and who are the future of our discipline.

Anthony & Helen

This Year the LINGUIST List hopes to raise $60,000. This money will go to help keep 
the List running by supporting all of our Student Editors for the coming year.

See below for donation instructions, and don't forget to check out our Fund Drive 
2008 LINGUIST List Circus and join us on our many shows!


There are many ways to donate to LINGUIST!

You can donate right now using our secure credit card form at  

Alternatively you can also pledge right now and pay later. To do so, go to:

For all information on donating and pledging, including information on how to 
donate by check, money order, or wire transfer, please visit:

The LINGUIST List is under the umbrella of Eastern Michigan University and as such 
can receive donations through the EMU Foundation, which is a registered 501(c) 
Non Profit organization. Our Federal Tax number is 38-6005986. These donations 
can be offset against your federal and sometimes your state tax return (U.S. tax 
payers only). For more information visit the IRS Web-Site, or contact your 
financial advisor.

Many companies also offer a gift matching program, such that they will match any 
gift you make to a non-profit organization. Normally this entails your contacting 
your human resources department and sending us a form that the EMU Foundation fills 
in and returns to your employer. This is generally a simple administrative procedure 
that doubles the value of your gift to LINGUIST, without costing you an extra penny. 
Please take a moment to check if your company operates such a program.

 Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!


We would like to thank all of the publishers and subscribers who
donated prizes for this year's Fund Drive games, puzzles, and

Publisher Prize Donors:

Cascadilla Press  
Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd
Edinburgh University Press
John Benjamins
Multilingual Matters
Cambridge University Press
MIT Press  
Oxford University Press 

Subscriber Prize Donors:

Stefan Dollinger
Suzette Haden Elgin 
Monica Macaulay 
Sandina Vasile

The LINGUIST List Hall of Fame

RING LEADERS ($1000 and over)

D Terence Langendoen 
Deutsche Sprachwiss 

LION TAMERS ($100 to $1000)
A K 
Arienne Dwyer 
Elizabeth Liddy 
Jeffrey Heath 
Richard Hudson 
Steven Pinker 

- Plus 4 anonymous donors

ACROBATS ($50 to $100)

Marianna Di Paolo
Robert Cirillo
SJ Hannahs
Susan D Fischer

DONORS (Up to $50)

ben wes 
Stefan Karl Serwe 

- Plus 4 anonymous donors


Cambridge University Press 
Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd 
Edinburgh University Press 
Elsevier Ltd 
Equinox Publishing Ltd 
Georgetown University Press 
John Benjamins 
Lincom GmbH 
MIT Press 
Mouton de Gruyter 
Multilingual Matters 
Narr Francke Attempto Verlag GmbH + Co. KG 
Oxford University Press 
Peter Lang AG 
Routledge (Taylor and Francis) 

Association of Editors of the Journal of Portuguese Linguistics 
Cascadilla Press 
Graduate Linguistic Students' Assoc.   Umass 
International Pragmatics Assoc. 
Linguistic Association of Finland 
Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke - LOT 
SIL International 
St. Jerome Publishing Ltd 
Utrecht institute of Linguistics 



Basis Technology 
Bridgewater State College 
Brock University 
Carriebeam Consulting 
City University of Hong Kong 
Concordia University 
Denison University 
Dongduk Women's University 
Educational Testing Service 
Gallaudet University 
Global Business Network LLC (GlobNet) 
Hanyang University 
Hapax Ltd. 
Heriot-Watt University 
Higher Colleges of Technology 
Hokkaido University 
Högskolan Dalarna 
IBM Canada 
Iowa State University 
Janya Inc. 
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität 
Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt 
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 
Johns Hopkins University 
Justus Liebig Universität Gießen 
LADO International College 
Lexicon Branding 
Macquarie University 
McNeil Technologies 
Memorial University 
Monash South Africa 
Morgan State University 
Nangwik Services 
National Taiwan Normal University 
Northern Arizona University 
Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems 
Northwestern University 
Nuance Communications 
Oxford University Press 
Pittsburg State University 
Queens College/CUNY 
Ruhr Universitaet Bochum 
Ruhr-Universität Bochum 
School of Oriental and African Studies 
Sensory, Inc. 
SkyGrid, Inc. 
SYSTRAN Software 
Teragram Corporation 
The Fizzback Group 
The University of Montana 
The University of Sydney 
The University of Tromsø/The Faculty of Humanities 
U of Maryland 
University College London 
University of Aizu 
University of Alabama at Birmingham 
University of Amsterdam 
University of Arizona 
University of Bielefeld 
University of British Columbia 
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 
University of Florida 
University of Georgia 
University of Groningen 
University of Konstanz 
University of Macau 
University of Michigan 
University of Namur 
University of Notre Dame 
University of Nottingham, Ningbo 
University of Oregon 
University of Oslo 
University of Rochester 
University of Texas - Pan American 
University of Texas at Austin 
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 
University of Tromso 
University of Tromsø 
University of Ulster 
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
University of York 
University Oldenburg 
Universität Mannheim 
Université catholique de Louvain 
Université du Québec en Outaouais 
Utrecht University; Faculty of Humanities 
Vantage Linguistics 
Yale University



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