LINGUIST List 2.101

Friday, 29 Mar 1991

FYI: Nameserver, Postdoc, Fellowship

Editor for this issue: <>


  1. The LINGUIST Editors, LINGUISTS Nameserver
  2. Bob Freidin, Announcing Psycoloquy
  3. Peter Cole, Minority fellowships at the Univ. of Delaware
  4. "Daniel L Everett", Possible Postdoc at Pittsburgh

Message 1: LINGUISTS Nameserver

Date: Thur, 28 Mar 91
From: The LINGUIST Editors <>
Subject: LINGUISTS Nameserver
We urge all subscribers to LINGUIST who have not already done so to register 
with the LINGUISTS Nameserver which Norval Smith of the University of 
Amsterdam has so generously set up. This is a major resource for our 
discipline, in that it enables us to establish easy e-mail contact with our 

To register, simply send a message:

 ADD surname, first-name: address

e.g. ADD Smith, Joanna:

All requests should be addressed to:


The subject line will be ignored. Each request should be entered on a 
separate line.

For further information on how to use the name-server, send the message
HELP to the above address.
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Message 2: Announcing Psycoloquy

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 20:00:01 EST
From: Bob Freidin <bobPrinceton.EDU>
Subject: Announcing Psycoloquy


 A refereed electronic forum of interest to linguists:

 PSYCOLOQUY is an electronic journal that disseminates information of
 interest to researchers working in a variety of areas including
 psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioral biology,
 computer science, linguistics, and philosophy. The journal is being
 sponsored on an experimental basis by the Science Directorate of the
 American Psychological Association. PSYCOLOQUY is co-edited by Stevan
 Harnad (Psychology Department, Princeton University) and Perry London
 (Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers
 University). It has been selected as one of the best new magazines of
 1990 by Library Journal (article to appear April 15 1991).

 Sub-Editors for:

 Linguistics: Robert Freidin (
 Computational Linguistics: Alexis Manaster Ramer 

 We invite you to send us postings for possible inclusion in
 PSYCOLOQUY. Nominations for the Editorial Board are also invited.
 Other current lingustics-related editorial sub-editors are:

 Sign Language Studies: Judy Kegl (
 Language Disorders: Max Coltheart (

 PSYCOLOQUY can be accessed via USENET (sci.psychology.digest), and
 BITNET (psycpucc.bitnet). If you receive PSYCOLOQUY on the INTERNET,
 the name will depend on local custom and usage. For more information
 about subscribing to PSYCOLOQUY, contact your local computing group.
 If you still are not able to access PSYCOLOQUY, contact Robert

 If you prefer to receive PSYCOLOQUY postings through your electronic mail,
 send the one line message

 sub psyc Firstname Lastname

 (substituting your first and last names) to listservpucc.bitnet.

 Appropriate submissions to PSYCOLOQUY include:

 1. "Scholarly Skywriting": PSYCOLOQUY can be used to "pilot" new ideas
 and findings with peers across disciplines and around the world. The
 speed and interactiveness of a computer-mediated journal will
 encourage the development of networks of researchers working on
 related topics. Submissions should be in the form of brief target
 articles and briefer commentaries. All contributions are refereed.

 2. Abstracts or preprints. PSYCOLOQUY presents a unique opportunity
 for rapid dissemination of research results. Linguists doing research
 related to cognition or brain function are invited to submit brief
 summaries of their research for posting.

 3. News items of interest to linguists working on cognition.
 PSYCOLOQUY can be used to disseminate information concerning
 professional organizations and journals--including meetings, workshops
 and conferences on topics of special interest.

 4. Job announcements. PSYCOLOQUY can be used to announce openings in
 professional positions. Schools who have openings in cognitively
 oriented areas of linguistics are invited to submit job announcements
 for posting.

 Please forward this announcement to anyone you think might be
 interested in PSYCOLOQUY.

 Robert Freidin
 Program in Linguistics/Department of Philosophy
 Princeton University
 Bitnet address: freidinpucc.bitnet
 Internet address:

 Alexis Manaster Ramer
 Department of Linguistics
 Wayne State University
 Internet address:


 For those who receive PSYCOLOQUY from listservpucc.bitnet
 (as opposed to the Usenet version, sci.psychology.digest):
 There has been a discussion about the retrievability of
 the subscriber list, which is now 1,984 on the Bitnet end.
 Although it has not begun to happen yet, there is a danger
 that as the list continues to grow, some may try to use it
 for commercial purposes. It is currently available to anyone
 who simply send the command


 to listservpucc.bitnet

 However, you can conceal your name on this list, if you wish, in such
 a way that you continue to receive PSYCOLOQUY but your name does not
 appear on the "rev psyc" list. To do so, use the following procedure,
 but you must make sure the message is sent from the exact login from
 which you signed on: The command to prevent your name from appearing
 on a REVIEW listing is


 To issue this command from a VM machine you would use a command like:


 You could also send mail to the listserver with
 as the first (and only) line of the body of the mail.

 If you wish to protect yourself from possible junk mail in the future,
 please send the above message right away.
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Message 3: Minority fellowships at the Univ. of Delaware

Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 13:34:32 EST
From: Peter Cole <AXR00786%UDELVM.bitnetVTVM2.CC.VT.EDU>
Subject: Minority fellowships at the Univ. of Delaware
The University of Delaware has expanded its program of fellowships for members
of minority groups (defined here as Blacks and Hispanics,but Native Amer-
icans would probably qualify). It seems likely that minority students
who meet our usual admission requirements would qualify for a fellowship.
Although our usual deadline for financial aid has passed, we will still be able
to recommend qualified minority candidates for the next month or so. If you
know of any students who would be interested, please ask them to contact:

James Lantolf, Graduate Advisor or Peter Cole, Chair
Dept. of Linguistics same address
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716 Telephone (302) 451-6806
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Message 4: Possible Postdoc at Pittsburgh

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 13:28:48 -0500
From: "Daniel L Everett" <>
Subject: Possible Postdoc at Pittsburgh
There may be a postdoc position available at the University of Pittsburgh
for 1991-92. We must move quickly if we are to fill the position, however.
(If filled, it must be so by May 28).

The position involves analysis of formal linguistic cues of reasoning
patterns and topical organization in dialogic discourse. The
individual selected would work with a team of psychologists, philosophers,
and one linguist (me) in conjunction with a grant to Pitt's Learning
Research and Development Center (LRDC).

Fresh PhDs with a strong background in discourse analysis, with some
knowledge of phonology and sentence syntax, should contact me at:

Daniel L. Everett
Dept. of Linguistics
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
FAX 412-624-6130

I cannot guarantee at this time that the position will be filled. It
depends primarily on finding a person that fits the needs of the
project very closely (and before the end of May).

Dan Everett

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