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Thursday, 2 May 1991

FYI: WCCFL, Software, TACT-L, MIT Working Papers in Ling

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  1. Vicki Fromkin, (COPY) wccfl 1992
  2. , Small-scale commerce!
  3. John E. Koontz, Initial Message from New TACT-L List
  4. , MIT Working Papers / Theses

Message 1: (COPY) wccfl 1992

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 14:42 PDT
From: Vicki Fromkin <>
Subject: (COPY) wccfl 1992
FROM : Luc Moritz, UCLA Graduate Linguistic Circle

This is to announce that the 1992 meeting of WCCFL (Westcoast
Conference on Formal Linguistics) will take place at UCLA
on February 22-24, 1992.

We will send further details as they shape up.

Thank you.
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Message 2: Small-scale commerce!

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 10:48:50 BST
From: <>
Subject: Small-scale commerce!
[Moderators' Note: This announcement is being made as a service
to LINGUIST's readers, and the moderators do not endorse this
software, the efficacy of which they are unaware.]

NUM is a word-processor add-on written by me (a historical linguist)
over the last two years, specifically for linguistics work. The majority
of users run it with WordPerfect 5.1, but a number of other packages are
supported too. Further info/demo disc willingly sent.
 David Denison

* add-on for word processors running on PC compatibles under DOS
* automatic renumbering of any designated number sequence, whether
 integers or decimal-type numbers like 2.3.1 up to six levels deep
* main features:
 - automatically updates all cross-references to the basic sequence,
 even shortened inclusive numbers like 123-9
 - shortens inclusive x-refs after renumbering in one of three
 "house styles", or not at all (100-2 vs. 100-02 vs. 100-102)
 - arbitrary number of files, with full cross-referencing
 - special settings for Nota Bene, Word, WordPerfect, WordStar,
 Vuwriter and VWII, and works fine with many other word processors
 - printed instructions plus full on-screen help for setting up
 - easy to use and very fast
* some uses:
 - linguistics (examples and rules) - what it was written for!
 - mathematics (steps in proof)
 - biology (dichotomous keys)
 - medicine and science (numbered bibliographies)
 - general (paragraphs, lists)
* info:
 - 18 pounds individual copy, 95 pounds licence for whole department
 - already used in 10 countries
 - ask for further details and/or evaluation copy (which disc size?)
 (Dr) David Denison
 Dept of English Lang & Lit, Manchester
 e-mail: d.denison
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Message 3: Initial Message from New TACT-L List

Date: Wed, 1 May 91 11:55:05 MDT
From: John E. Koontz <>
Subject: Initial Message from New TACT-L List
Since TACT seems to be one of the better PC concordance (or indexing)
programs for linguists, comparable to WordCruncher in power, and actually
superior in a number of ways, as well as one of the cheapest ($25US by
surface mail), this initial message from the management of the TACT-L list
may be of interest to LINGUIST readers. Note that TACT 1.2 is now available
by ftp (see the article below). TACT 1.2a will be available soon. I gather
you'll still need to order the manual. 

Forwarded message follows:
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 11:24:00 -0400
From: Willard McCarty <mccartyEPAS.UTORONTO.CA>
Subject: TACT-L: welcome!
To: Multiple recipients of list TACT-L <TACT-LUTORONTO.BITNET>
Reply-To: Willard McCarty <mccartyEPAS.UTORONTO.CA>

Dear Colleagues:

TACT-L now has 52 members. It has not until now had any public
activity because of an error in software, but this has been corrected.

Allow me to remind you that TACT-L is "unmoderated", i.e. that it is
intended to be driven by the membership rather than by a closely
attentive editor.

Certainly one initial topic of discussion could be how you are using
the program, what features in particular you have exercised, what
problems you have encountered and how solved them, and what new
features you would like to see. Please be aware that our resources for
adding features are exceedingly limited, but it's useful to know what
people want, and having a list is one way of determining the nature of
current applications.

Another topic -- one that concerns me very much at the moment -- is
what the nature of an "electronic edition" of a text in TACT should be
like, how it should be marked up, how one balances actual markup
against clever use of rule-files, and how a finished edition should be
distributed, presuming it has been done in a way that will make it
useful to others.

Finally, an announcement. We have set up here an anonymous-ftp
account, at the Internet address In the subdirectory
/pub/cch/archive/tact/dist/ is a copy of the latest release (1.2).
This will shortly be updated by version 1.2a, which contains various
bug-fixes. When the new version is ready, an announcement will be made
on TACT-L.

Willard McCarty
Centre for Computing in the Humanities

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Message 4: MIT Working Papers / Theses

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 14:43:55 EDT
From: <jdbobaljATHENA.MIT.EDU>
Subject: MIT Working Papers / Theses
The following is a list of Dissertations and Working Papers volumes
available from MIT Working Papers in Linguistics:

Our current e-mail address is : JDBOBALJATHENA.MIT.EDU, although
we expect to have a new one in the fall...


 Price and Publications List


Each Working Papers Volume or Dissertation:

US $12. + postage / handling:
 United States $2 / volume or diss.
 Elsewhere $3 / volume or diss.

Material within the US is sent at the special fourth class rate.
Elsewhere, material is sent by Surface Mail at the Book Rate


** Prepayment is required on all orders **

We accept payment by cheque, traveller's cheque 
or money order in US Funds payable to : MIT

Electronic Transfers of funds are also acceptable
These should be directed to:
Bank of Boston - 51463306 - MIT Department of Linguistics

NB: Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Faster delivery by
airmail or first class can be arranged on an individual basis
at a higher price. Contact us for details.

[To obtain the full publication-list, send
the message:
get mit-publication-list

[End Linguist List, Vol. 2, No. 187]
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