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Sunday, 12 May 1991

fyi: Cog science, Lexical representation, Logic and ling

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  1. William J. Rapaport, posting
  2. Mark Durie, Announcement
  3. Richard Oehrle, Conference on Logic and Linguistics

Message 1: posting

Date: Thu, 9 May 91 14:07:29 EDT
From: William J. Rapaport <rapaportcs.Buffalo.EDU>
Subject: posting
 Announcing a New Professional Society


 We are pleased to announce the formation of a new cognitive science
 society, the Society for Machines and Mentality, whose purpose is to
 advance philosophical understanding of machines and mentality, including
 such issues as whether machines are able to think, whether machines
 could have minds, and related matters. Details on the activities of the
 Society are described in the Constitution, appended to this message.

 The Society's first meeting will be held in conjunction with the Eastern
 Division of the American Philosophical Association meetings in December
 1991, to honor the launching of the journal MINDS AND MACHINES: JOURNAL
 Academic Publishers. The guest speaker will be:

 William Bechtel, Department of Philosophy, Georgia State University

 speaking on current issues in connectionism. Details will be announced
 when they become available.

 An election has been held in accordance with Article 4, Sections 2 to 4
 of the Constitution. James H. Fetzer, the Editor of MINDS AND MACHINES,
 has informed me that the final results of the election were as follows:

 President: William J. Rapaport
 Department of Computer Science & 
 Center for Cognitive Science 
 SUNY Buffalo
 Buffalo, NY 14260

 Vice President: David J. Cole
 Department of Philosophy
 University of Minnesota
 Duluth, MN 55812

 Treasurer: James H. Moor
 Department of Philosophy
 Dartmouth College
 Hanover, NH 03755

 Anyone requesting further information about the election may contact Fetzer
 by email at The Constitution defines the terms of
 office and the responsibilities of the officers in Article 3 (see below).

 Those who cast ballots in this election and anyone else who wishes to be-
 come a member of the Society for Machines and Mentality should send their
 dues (currently $5.00 per year) to the Treasurer, James H. Moor, at the
 above address. Please provide the following information for membership
 records: name, position, affiliation, address, email address, and phone
 number. Please identify any information which is not to be made public.

[The full constitution of the society is obtainable from the LINGUIST
listserv. To get this file, send the
get smm 
and it will be sent to you.]
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Message 2: Announcement

Date: 10 May 91 11:54:01 U
From: Mark Durie <>
Subject: Announcement
REGARDING Announcement
>From July 22 - August 23, 1991, Professor Mel'cuk, a leading international
figure in lexical semantics and lexicography will be presenting an 5-week long
workshop on an English Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary in the Department
of Linguistics and Language Studies at the University of Melbourne. It will
focus on the the structure of lexical entries in general, and on developing
specific lexical entries for English lexeme, including decompositions,
semantic networks and lexical functions, a tool devised to lexical cooccurrence

Professor Melcuk, author of well over 200 publications, has undertaken research
into the Russian and French lexicon over many years, resulting in publications
of his Explanatory-Combinatorial Dictionaries on these languages. These are
some of the most detailed and rigorously presented major bodies of lexical
descriptions yet available for any language. He is now engaged in developing
similar work on English.

This course will be particularly suitable for undergraduate and graduate
students in linguistics, those working in a professional capacity in English
lexicography, and those working in areas of computational linguistics where
lexical representation is an important issue."
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Message 3: Conference on Logic and Linguistics

Date: Thu, 9 May 91 09:42 MST
From: Richard Oehrle <>
Subject: Conference on Logic and Linguistics
Please post the following information concerning the program of
the Conference on Logic and Linguistics sponsored by the
Association for Symbolic Logic and the Linguistic Society of
America, which is to be held this summer, July 19-21, in conjunction
with the 1991 LSA Linguistic Institute.

Thank you,

Richard Oehrle (for the program committee)

[The complete program is available on the LINGUIST listserv. To
obtain the program, send the message "get asl" to]

 Conference on Logic and Linguistics

Registration: $20 general; $15 ASL or LSA members; open to Institute

Tutorial Registration: $35 general; $25 ASL or LSA members; $15 if registered
for ASL/LSA meeting $7.50 for Institute students (includes tutorial materials).
Enrollment is limited to 50 participants and presupposes familiarity with
Montague Grammar. To reserve a place, notify R. Oehrle, Department of
Linguistics, Douglass 200E, Tucson, AZ 85721, USA (

LSA Institute information: or lsaucscc.bitnet or
write to 1991 Linguistic Institute, Board of Studies in Linguistics, UCSC,
Santa Cruz, CA 95064. phone: (408) 459-4594.


Visitors to the LSA Institute for periods shorter than four weeks who want 
on-campus housing should submit the following information as soon as 
arrangements are firm. Space in guest housing is limited and is
reserved on a space-available basis with priority given to early
applicants. Provide this information as soon as possible along with a
check for US$35 payable to "Linguistic Institute" as a non-refundable
fee to: Linguistic Institute Housing, Board of Studies in Linguistics,
UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA 95064.



Email address:

Male v Female
Date of Birth

I request short-term housing for the period:

 Arrival date:
 Departure date:

__ I request a single room with meals ($62/night)
__ I request a double room (two beds) with meals for myself and 
 the person named below: ($52/night per person)

 Name of roommate:

I plan to attend the following institute activities:

Special needs if any:

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