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Monday, 27 May 1991

FYI: Electronic Text Projects, ECTL e-mail forum

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  1. , Electronic Text Projects
  2. David Leip, ECTL e-mail forum

Message 1: Electronic Text Projects

Date: Thu, 23 May 91 10:34 EDT
From: <>
Subject: Electronic Text Projects
Dear Linguists:

 The following two postings I am about to make are two-parts
of a large file, which detail information about electronic text
projects from around the globe which have centered their efforts on
Linguistic studies.
 The information gathered here has been retrieved from Georgetown
University Center for Text and Technology's on-line catalogue of electronic
text projects. This catalogue will be open for public logins, telnet,
and modem logins soon, so watch LINGUIST for further details.


James A. Wilderotter II

[The listing of linguistically-oriented text projects is 
available from the server, and is found in two files,
"text-project-list-1" and "text-project-list-2". If
you wish to see these files, send
two SEPARATE messages, one with the single line:

get text-project-list-1

and the other with the single line:

get text-project-list-2

The files will then be sent to you.]
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Message 2: ECTL e-mail forum

Date: 23 May 91 11:30 -0600
From: David Leip <>
Subject: ECTL e-mail forum
Speech Interface Enthusiasts,

 There is a real need in the field of speech interface research for 
stronger links between researchers, between industry and academia, between
Europe, North America and Asia. This need is already partially addressed by
ESCA. However, there is still a need for fast and convenient exchange between
speech interface researchers, around the world. In an attempt to address this
need a special electronic mailing list has been started. This list is now 
known as "Electronic Communal Temporal Lobe" or ECTL. This list has been 
growing fast in the last month. ECTL is to act as a forum in which members can
post queries and announcements, debate issues, or just follow along. This 
ongoing forum is being moderated by myself (David Leip) to ensure relevence to
speech interface research, and to ensure proper formatting (subject labels,
etc.) This is to keep some of the problems associated with heavy e-mail 
traffic to a minimum. If you would like to be added to this list please send
a message to me at:

 Please include the following information. Name, Institution, 
Department, Daytime Phone Number and Electronic Mail Address. 

David Leip
Brock University
Dept. of Computer Science
St. Catharines, Ontario
Canada L2S 3A1
(416) 688-5550 ext. 3810

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