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Wednesday, 29 May 1991

All: Notice to Subscribers: LINGUIST moves on June 1

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  1. , LINGUIST Moves on June 1

Message 1: LINGUIST Moves on June 1

Date: Wednesday, May 29 1991
From: <>
Subject: LINGUIST Moves on June 1
Some of you have been receiving test messages from 
LINGUIST's new home, which is the Texas A&M Listserv. You 
may safely ignore these messages: most of them were designed 
solely to verify pathnames, and no acknowledgement is 
necessary. We apologize for sending them: we should not 
need to do so in the future. 

This weekend, LINGUIST will finally move from the University 
of Western Australia to Texas A&M. From Saturday, June 1, 
1991 all LINGUIST messages will cease to originate from 
LINGUISTUNIWA.UWA.OZ.AU, and will instead come from 

This change in host will entail some corresponding changes 
in procedure. Although LINGUIST will not move until Saturday, we
suggest that these changes be put into operation IMMEDIATELY. 
The following are the most important: 

1. Direct all messages which are for GENERAL distribution 
to the list to: 

2. We ask that all members verify their pathnames and 
personal names by sending the message: 

e.g. "subscribe linguist Jane Smith" 

 to the address: 


Though this verification is not absolutely necessary--most 
of you will continue to receive mail even if you do 
nothing--we urge all of you to do so nevertheless. The list 
is moving from Australia to the United States, and it is 
inevitable that some of the path-names valid in Australia 
will cease to be functional. In addition, mail directed to 
you will NOT HAVE YOUR CORRECT PERSONAL NAME on it until you 
re-register. If you cease to receive any mail after June 1, 
re-registering will probably solve your problem. 

Please direct all request for removal from the list to 

3. Note that for the present files are being kept at the 
University of Western Australia. Therefore, continue to 
direct all requests for FILES to: 

4. Also continue to direct ALL OTHER enquiries, comments, 
problems, etc to: 

We hope that this move can be made without over-great 
upheaval. But we ask a degree of patience with the problems 
which, in a world of incompatible software, will inevitably 

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