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Saturday, 02 Feb 1991

FYI: Publications in Computational Linguistics

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  1. "NANCY M. IDE, publications in computational linguistics

Message 1: publications in computational linguistics

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 91 09:36 EDT
From: "NANCY M. IDE <>
Subject: publications in computational linguistics
A list of recent internal reports on computational linguistics and cognitive
science from CSL appears below. A more complete description with abstracts can
be had by contacting Yorick Wilks (


Recent Memoranda in Computer and Cognitive Science

Ordering of technical reports listed below write to:

Memoranda Series
Computing Research Laboratory
Box 30001
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003

Wilks, Y., (1990), Smolensky and Fodor on connectionism, CRL,
MCCS-86-79. ($5.00)

Wilks, Y., (l988), Philosophy of Language and Artificial Intelligence,
CRL, MCCS-88-132. ($5.00)

Wilks, Y., (l988), Form and content in semantics, CRL, MCCS-88-137. ($5.00)

Ballim, A., Wilks, Y., & Barnden, J., (l988),
Belief Ascription, Metaphor, and Intensional Identification, CRL,
MCCS-88-138. ($5.00)

Barnden, J., (l988), Propositional Attitudes, Polysemy and Metaphor:
Initial Report, CRL, MCCS-88-139. ($5.00)

Barnden, J., (l988), Towards a Paradigm Shift in Belief Representation
Methodology, CRL, MCCS-88-142. ($5.00)

Barnden, J., (l988), Conposit, A Neural Net System for High-Level
Symbolic Processing: Overview of Research and Description of
Register-Machine Level, CRL, MCCS-88-145. ($5.00)

Fowler, R.H., Slator, B.M., & Balogh, I., (1989),
On Psychological Plausibility in Artificial Intelligence, CRL,
MCCS-89-150. ($5.00)

Barnden, J., (1989), Neural-Net Implementation of Complex
Symbol-Processing in a Mental Model Approach to Syllogistic Reasoning,
CRL, MCCS-89-154. ($3.00)

Barnden, J., (1989), Belief, Metaphorically Speaking, CRL,
MCCS-89-155. ($5.00)

Guo, C-M., (1989), Constructing A Machine Tractable Dictionary From
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, (Ph.D. Thesis) CRL,
MCCS-89-156. ($7.00)

Dunning, T., Farwell, D., Guthrie, G., & Helmreich, S., (l989),
Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Reversible Prolog Programs, CRL,
MCCS-89-164. ($5.00)

Jin, W., (l989), An Experiment of Technical Text Reproduction, CRL,
MCCS-89-165. ($5.00)

McKevitt, P. & Ogden, W.C., (1989), Wizard-of-Oz dialogues in the
computer operating systems domain, CRL, MCCS-89-167. ($l0.00)

Aidinejad, H., Johannes, E., & Balogh, I.L., (1989), Line Extraction
from Images Using Chain Codes, CRL, MCCS-89-169. ($5.00)

Ball, J.T., (l990), A Consideration of PROLOG, CRL, MCCS-90-171. ($5.00)

Ball, J.T., (l990), UNIX Help Systems with Natural Language
Interfaces, CRL, MCCS-90-172. ($5.00)

Barnden, J., (l990), Naive Metaphysics: A Metaphor Based Approach To
Propositional Attitude Representation (Unabridged Version), CRL,
MCCS-90-174. ($5.00)

Roseborrough, M.J. & Ball, J.T., (1990), Phase I Development of an
ULTRA Interface, CRL, MCCS-90-176. ($5.00)

McKevitt, P., (1990), Data acquisition for natural language interfaces,
CRL, MCCS-90-178. ($5.00)

Pan, Z. & McKevitt, P., (1990), OUI - A User Interface for OSCON, CRL,
MCCS-90-179. ($5.00)

Wilks, Y. & Hartley, R., (1990), Belief Ascription and Model Generative
Reasoning: joining two paradigms to a robust parser of messages, CRL,
MCCS-90-180. ($5.00)

McKevitt, P. & Ogden, W.C., (l990), OSWIZ II: Wizard-of-Oz dialogues
in the computer operating systems domain, CRL, MCCS-90-181. ($ll.00)

Iverson, E. & Hartley, R., (l990), Metabolizing Music, CRL,
MCCS-90-183. ($3.00)

Barnden, J. & Srinivas, K., (1990), Encoding Techniques for Complex
Information Structures in Connectionist Systems, CRL, MCCS-90-186. ($5.00)

Barnden, J. & Srinivas, K., (l990), Overcoming Rule-Based Rigidity &
Connectionist Limitations through Massively-Parallel Case-Based
Reasoning, CRL, MCCS-90-187. ($5.00)

Wilks, Y. & Farwell, D., (1990), A White Paper on Research in
Pragmatics-based Machine Translation, CRL, MCCS-90-188. ($5.00)

Candelaria de Ram, S., (1990), Real-world sensors, meaning, or
mentalese, CRL, MCCS-90-189. ($5.00)

Wilks, Y. & Fass, D., (1990), Preference Semantics: a family history,
CRL, MCCS-90-194. ($5.00)

Wilks, Y., (l990), Where am I coming from: The reversibility of
analysis and generation in natural language processing, CRL,
MCCS-90-195. ($3.00)

Farwell, D. & Wilks, Y., (l990), Ultra: a Multi-lingual Machine
Translator, CRL, MCCS-90-202. ($5.00)

Wilks, Y., Barnden, J., & Wang, J., (l990), Your metaphor or mine:
belief ascription and metaphor interpretation, CRL, MCCS-90-205. ($5.00)
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