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Tuesday, 18 June 1991

FYI: Nameserver changes, ALLC/ACH, Computers and Lang

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  1. "Norval Smith, news from the nameserver
  2. Jane Edwards, ALLC and ACH
  3. , Computers and Language conference

Message 1: news from the nameserver

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 91 00:18 MET
From: "Norval Smith <NSMITHALF.LET.UVA.NL>
Subject: news from the nameserver
1) We have added several hundred new e-mail addresses of linguists, culled from
various sources.
2) We have performed an extensive weeding operation to remove dated, duplicate
and erroneous addresses from the list.
3) The HELP message has undergone a steady growth over the last couple of months
- we hope that it continues to grow in usefulness.
4) LIST commands:
 list list* provides a list of lists (electronic discussion groups)
 list ling* provides a list of linguistics departments
 list conf* provides a list of conferences with e-mail addresses
 list press provides a list of publishers with e-mail addresses
 list ftp provides a list of hosts with linguistic stuff
 list soft* provides a (meagre) list of software contacts
 list usenet provides a list of interesting usenet newslists
and of course
 list SURNAME provides a list of e-mail addresses of people with that
 list STRING* provides a list of entries beginning with the string
5) all commands: list ..., add ..., remove ..., help
should be sent on a separate line, starting immediately at the left margin.
Norval Smith
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Message 2: ALLC and ACH

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 01:13:04 -0700
From: Jane Edwards <edwards%cogsci.BERKELEY.EDURICEVM1.RICE.EDU>
Subject: ALLC and ACH
description of both. Hope this helps.
- Jane Edwards
(7) The ACH (Association for Computers and the Humanities) is an
international organization devoted to computer-aided research in
literature and language, history, philosophy, anthropology, and related
social sciences as well as computer use in the creation and study of
art, music and dance. It publishes the
Bits and Bytes Review of software in the humanities and social
sciences, with a subscription fee to ACH members of $40 for nine
issues. Jointly with the ALLC (below), it sponsors an annual meeting
held in North America in odd-numbered years and in Europe in
even-numbered years, to bring together scholars from around the world
to report on research activities and software and hardward developments
in the field.
To join ACH, send $55 to:
Joseph Rudman, Treasurer
Association for Computers and the Humanities
Department of English
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
(8) The ALLC (Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing) has
representatives in over 30 countries, including advisors in the
following areas: Machine Translation, Computer-Assisted Learning,
Lexicography, Software, Structured Databases. It produces the journal
``Literary and Linguistic Computing'' four times per year, with papers on
all aspects of computing applied to literature and language, ranging
from computing techniques to results of research projects. To join
ALLC and obtain the journal, send $27 (individual subscription) to:
Journals Marketing
Oxford University Press
200 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
or 16 pounds to:
Journals Subscriptions
Oxford University Press
Walton Street
Oxford OX2 6DP
United Kingdom
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Message 3: Computers and Language conference

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 13:57:00 BST
Subject: Computers and Language conference
 		 TOWARDS 1992
		 25-27 September 1991
		 Sheffield City Polytechnic
		 Sponsored by the CTI Centres for
		 Modern Languages and Textual Studies
Computers and Language 2 follows on the highly successful conference of
September 1989. As previously, we are interested in language as studied at all
levels of education: primary, secondary, higher and further. Plenary sessions
will be of general interest and workshops/papers will be given in parallel
sessions focussing on the classroom or the higher education sectors.
]I~?Clearly the teaching and learning of modern European languages will be of
particular significance as we approach 1991, the year of the single European
market. Sessions will also be concerned with non-European languages, computers
and literary topics, linguistics and writing.
Concerns to be addressed:
* What provisions are we making for IT?
* Does IT have any effect on the language capabilities of our pupils/students?
* Do we have to alter our teaching methods if we use IT?
* Are computer applications for first and second language acquisition and
 development necessarily separate?
* How do we keep up with the latest developments of IT?
Keynote speakers include:
HMI Peter Seaborne, Staff Inspector: Learning resources
Professor Steve Heppell, Anglia Polytechnic
Professor Graham Chesters, University of Hull
Dr Diana Laurilard, Open University
Fee: Full cost #120 sterling (residential). Daily registration available.
UK academics should note that they may be eligible for financial support from
their institution's Staff Training and Development Office.
Deadline for registration: 5 September 1991
For further details contact:
Moira Monteith
Sheffield City Polytechnic
36 Collegiate Crescent
Sheffield S10 2BP
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