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Sunday 23 June 1991

Disc: Jargon, Tongue Twisters

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  1. Margaret Fleck, Jargon Dictionary
  2. Lars Henrik Mathiesen, Tongue Twisters (Danish)

Message 1: Jargon Dictionary

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 91 11:43:32 BST
From: Margaret Fleck <>
Subject: Jargon Dictionary
 Is the MIT/Stanford/WPI jargon dictionary available online?--Boyd Davis
The version I quoted from used to live on under the name
gls;jargon > [> is part of the file name]. That machine ceased to
exist for a few years but it is now back and it would be in the
character of the people responsible for the machine to have put that
file back in the same place. It was published by Guy L. Steele as
`The Hacker's Dictionary' (Harper & Row CN 1082, ISBN 0-06-091082-8,
1983), but is apparently out of print.
There is a new (and VERY large) online version making the rounds,
apparently produced by Eric S. Raymond ( and
Guy L. Steele ( They suggest correspondence be sent to
Margaret Fleck
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Message 2: Tongue Twisters (Danish)

Date: Thurs, 20 Jun 91
From: Lars Henrik Mathiesen <>
Subject: Tongue Twisters (Danish)
Two traditional Danish tongue twisters:
	Bissens gipsbisps gipsgebis
(Tr: the plaster denture of the plaster bishop of Bissen (a sculptor)).
Only one voiced consonant in it!
	Stativ, stakit, kasket	(Tr: stand/rack, fence, cap)
Very hard to repeat quickly.
A newer one, not quite clean:
	Plaeneklipper Knudsens knortekaep knaekker naeppe
(Tr: The walking stick of lawnmower Knudsen probably won't break.)
The word to avoid is knaep/knaeppe = f***.
Lars Mathiesen, DIKU, U of Copenhagen, Denmark	 [uunet!]mcsun!diku!thorinn
Warning: This article may contain unmarked humour.
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