LINGUIST List 2.347

Thursday, 18 July 1991

Jobs: Chinese TA, U de Besanc, Neuroscience, Text analysis

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  1. Steve Harlow, Graduate scholarship/Chinese TA position
  3. David Corina, Cognitive Neuroscience
  4. Gregory Ward, job announcement: text analysis

Message 1: Graduate scholarship/Chinese TA position

Date: Wed, 10 Jul 91 17:26 GMT
Subject: Graduate scholarship/Chinese TA position
 Department of Language and Linguistic Science
 University of York
 York Y01 5DD, UK
 Graduate Scholarship and Chinese Language Assistantship
We have available from October this year a graduate scholarship worth 5,000
pounds (to cover living expenses and travel) plus all fees (currently also
5,000 pounds). The scholarship is open to fluent speakers of Standard Chinese
(Putonghua) and requires the successful applicant to register for either a one
year taught-course MA in Linguistics or a higher research degree in
Linguistics (MPhil/PhD). The recipient of the scholarship is required to teach
for up to 6 hours/week on the Department's undergraduate Chinese courses.
Research specialisations of the Department cover syntax, semantics, phonetics,
non-segmental approaches to phonology, history of phonetics/phonology,
sociolinguistics, bilingualism, mutlilingualism, language acquisition,
language and gender and historical linguistics. Applicants are not necessarily
expected to have research interests in Chinese.
Anyone interested in this scholarship should write, enclosing vita, details
of proposed research and the names of 3 academic referees to:
 The Graduate Office
 University of York
 York Y01 5DD, UK
 Tel: +44 904 430000
 Fax: +44 904 433433
Candidates from universities outside the UK should arrange for transcripts,
degree certificates etc to be sent direct to the Graduate Office together with
a formal certified translation into English if the originals are not in
I am willing to respond to email inquiries, but will be out of the country
until the middle of August. Anyone interested should start the ball rolling by
contacting the Graduate Office without waiting for my return.
Steve Harlow
Head of Department
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Date: Fri, 12 Jul 91 07:28:28 CDT
From: <>
Universite' de Besanc,on, France.
This post, recently advertised, is now closed.
Peter Greenfield E-Mail:
School of Computer Science Tel: +44 21 414 4772
The University of Birmingham Fax: +44 21 414 3971
Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT, England Telex: 333762 UOBHAM G
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Message 3: Cognitive Neuroscience

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 91 13:07:08 PDT
From: David Corina <>
Subject: Cognitive Neuroscience
Dear Colleague:
Please post this notice and/or give to any persons you believe would be
appropriate candidates. Thank you for your assistance.
 Position: The Salk Institute has an immediate opening for a Research
Scientist in the Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience to join a team of
scientists investigating signed and spoken languages and their representation
in the brain. Researcher to coordinate project on Brain Organization: Clues
from Sign Aphasia. Candidates should have some knowledge of American Sign
Language and background in neuropsychology, neurolinguistics, or cognitve
science. Central research directions of the laboratory involve issues of
brain organization for language and spatial cognition. Salary dependent on
background and experience. Please send resume, letter of interest, and names
of references to: Dr. Ursula Bellugi, The Salk Institute for Biological
Studies, 10010 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, California 92037. An
affirmative action employer.
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Message 4: job announcement: text analysis

Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 20:28:12 CDT
From: Gregory Ward <ward%pico.ling.nwu.eduRICEVM1.RICE.EDU>
Subject: job announcement: text analysis
 C Programmer Positions Available
 Northwestern University,
 Evanston, IL
We are looking for one full-time or two half-time C programmers with a
strong background in UNIX. Experience is essential.
The main application involves programming interfaces to text analysis
programs that operate on large corpora of natural language. By 'large'
we mean hundreds of millions of words of text (such as AP newswire
reports or The Wall Street Journal). There are currently a number of
software tools, some proprietary, that will perform various linguistic
operations, such as tag words with their part of speech, produce
grammatical trees representing the grammatical (surface) structure of
the sentence, etc. We have copies of these tools available
(licensed) as well as some public domain software. The task will be
to use these programs to obtain statistics about cooccurrences of
words, statistics about the number of times a word might be an
adjective versus a noun, the number of times a word might participate
in one grammatical construction over another, etc.
The second application will involve the use of a NeXT machine and
speech processing software. There currently is available a
significant amount of public domain software for editing and analyzing
speech; however it may be necessary to write some additional routines
(from well-understood algorithms) in order to automate as
much as possible some of the editing tasks.
The final result and shape of these applications will be determined by
the knowledge and expertise of the programmers. Much of the work will
produce potentially publishable work (in terms of the algorithms used
and the results that are obtained).
Secondary tasks may involve adding new real time commands in C to our
PC system and possibly adding some graphics to that system as well.
These tasks will be undertaken only after the first two projects are
advanced beyond the initial stages.
The current lab uses 2 SUN 3 workstations, an IBM RS/6000 workstation,
2 NeXT stations; a SUN IPX (Sparcstation 2) machine will soon be
added. There are 8 PCs to control real time experiments.
We anticipate a full-time salary of approximately $34,000 (plus fringe
benefits) or a half-time salary of approximately $16,000 (plus fringe
benefits). Starting date should be early September.
This is a joint project between Gail McKoon and Roger Ratcliff in the
NU Psychology Department and Gregory Ward in the NU Linguistics
Department. Funding for the project is for 4 years beginning
September 1991. For more information, contact Roger Ratcliff at
708-491-7702 (email: or Gregory Ward at
708-491-8055 (email:
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