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Tuesday, 6 August 1991

All: Handling conference announcements

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  1. Helen Dry, Handling conference announcements

Message 1: Handling conference announcements

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 6, 1991
From: Helen Dry <>
Subject: Handling conference announcements
 Anthony Aristar (
In the past, we received a good deal of complaint about the posting
of full conference programs, because most were extremely long and of
interest only to a subgroup of subscribers. So we started putting the
full program on the server and posting only the adjunct information,
along with instructions for retrieving the complete program. But,
in some cases (e.g. ESCOL), that has resulted in posting merely enigmatic
registration forms.
So we've decided to try the procedure used on Humanist Net: from now on,
we'll put both the complete program and the registration forms on the server
and post retrieval instructions with EITHER the first few lines of the
program OR a short summary conference announcement. (Organizers
are hereby encouraged to submit such announcements, giving title, time,
place, and major topics or sessions of the conference.) Please let
us know if you have comments or suggestions. Although we've benefited
a lot from the suggestions of other net moderators (especially Willard
McCarty of Humanist Net), most of our "policies" are being instituted
piece by piece, after finding out from experience what DOESN'T work.
And, a propos "feedback": John Lawler is proposing an LSA session on
"Computers and the Working Linguist," which will offer--among other
things--a chance for those of us interested in LINGUIST to discuss
what the net could/should be doing. We hope to talk with
some of you there.
Helen Dry
Anthony Aristar
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