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Wednesday, 13 Feb 1991

FYI: A Nameserver for Linguists

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  1. "NORVAL SMITH, A nameserver for linguists

Message 1: A nameserver for linguists

Date: Sat, 9 Feb 91 00:13 MET
Subject: A nameserver for linguists
 Announcing the LINGUISTS Nameserver

Today we have put into operation a linguistic nameserver. The function of this
server is to reply to single or multiple requests for e-mail addresses of
researchers in the language sciences.

The basic commands now available are: HELP, LIST, ADD, REMOVE.
 HELP speaks for itself
 LIST requests address listings. Legal requests include: list surname;
 list string*; etc.
 ADD requests the addition of an address. The format is:
 add surname, first name: address
 REMOVE requests the removal of an address. The format is:
 remove surname, first name: address
 (before issuing a REMOVE command it is advisable to check the exact form
 of an entry with LIST)

All requests should be addressed to LINGUISTSALF.LET.UVA.NL. The subject line
will be ignored. Each request should be entered on a separate line.

Please let your colleagues know about us!

Norval Smith,
Institute for General Linguistics,
University of Amsterdam
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