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Tuesday, 19 Feb 1991

FYI: List for Graduate Advisors

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  1. Paul Jones, NEW LIST: Graduate School Advisors

Message 1: NEW LIST: Graduate School Advisors

Date: Tue, 5 Feb 91 14:47:51 CST
From: Paul Jones <pjones%mento.acs.unc.eduVM1.NoDak.EDU>
Subject: NEW LIST: Graduate School Advisors The Graduate School Advisors List

 This list has three major goals at the onset:
 1) to put folks who advise undergraduates about graduate school in
 touch with their peers and with graduate schools. Being on the list
 will provide this service.
 2) to create of a catalog of accessable catalogs (using Art St.
 George's Library catalog catalog as a model) to facilitate electronic
 access to graduate school information. I will gather information here
 unless there is another volunteer out there.
 3) to identify useful and/or neccessary information that would be
 used in a graduate school information database with an eye toward
 network standard tags and a single engine queriable distributed
 database of graduate school information (probably SQL for example)
 that would allow students and advisors to search several catalogs
 maintained at different universities.
 Point three is very blue sky for the moment, but if we keep it in
 mind, the technology exists and the end is actually achievable.
 Other points will, I'm sure, arise.

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