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Wed 21 Aug 1991

FYI: Publication of Research in Humanities Computing

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  1. Susan Hockey, Publication of Research in Humanities Computing

Message 1: Publication of Research in Humanities Computing

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 91 10:41 BST
From: Susan Hockey <>
Subject: Publication of Research in Humanities Computing
 Announcing a new publication .....
 Research in Humanities Computing I, the first in the new series
 of papers from the ALLC-ACH conferences published by Oxford
 University Press, will be available in the UK and Europe from
 12 September and a little later in the USA.
 Publication details:
 Susan Hockey and Nancy Ide (series editors), Ian Lancashire
 (guest editor), 'Research in Humanities Computing I: Papers
 from the 1989 ACH-ALLC Conference', Oxford University Press,
 1991, ISBN 0-19-824251-4, 352pp.
 Susan Hockey
 Preface by Ian Lancashire
 Northrop Frye, Literary and Mechanical Models
 Part One: Statistical Methods
 Karin Flikeid, Techniques of Textual and Quantitative Analysis in a
 Corpus-Based Sociolinguistic Study of Acadian French
 G. Lessard and A. Whitfield, The Study of Oral Elements in Some Modern
 Quebecois Novels: Some Applications of Text Analysis Software
 Thomas B. Horton, Frequent Words, Authorship and Characterization in
 Jacobean Drama
 Etienne Brunet, What do Statistics Tell Us?
 Part Two: Text Analysis Tools
 Hans Van Halteren, The Scholar's Workdesk, a STRIDER Case Study
 Susan Hockey, Jo Freedman and John Cooper, The Oxford Text Searching System
 Part Three: Linguistics
 Andrea de Leeuw van Weenen, Automatic Lemmatization of Classical Armenian
 Arne Jonsson and Lars Ahrenberg, Extensions of a Descriptor-Based Tagging
 System into a Tool for the Generation of Unification-Based Grammars
 B. Elan Dresher, YOUPIE: A Parameter-Based Learning Model for Metrical
 Part Four: Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics
 Nancy Ide and Jean Veronis, An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Literary
 Christian Koch, Metaphorical and Analogical Understanding in Reader-Text
 Igor A. Melcuk and Alain Polguere, Aspects of the Implementation of the
 Meaning-Text Model for English Text Generation
 Nick Cercone, Paul McFetridge, Gary Hall and Chris Groeneboer, An Unnatural
 Language Interface
 Jim Kippen and Bernard Bel, From Wordprocessing to Automatic Knowledge
 Acquisition; a Pragmatic Application for Computers in Experimental
 Part Five: Databases
 Frank Wm, Tompa and Darrell R. Raymond, Database Design for a Dynamic
 Nicoletta Calzolari and Antonio Zampolli, Lexical Databases and Textual
 Corpora: a Trend of Convergence between Computational Linguistics and Liteary
 and Linguistic Computing
 Jacques Dendien, Access to Information in a Textual Database: Access
 Functions and Optimal Indexes
 Patricia Galloway and Clara Sue Kidwell, Choctaw Land Claims in Mississippi:
 Management and Analysis of Heterogeneous Data
 Jean-Claude Gardin, On the Way we Think and Write in the Humanities: A
 Computational Perspective
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