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Fri 23 Aug 1991

Disc: Linguistic novels, Radio program

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  1. , Henry Lee Smith's radio program
  2. Ron Smyth, Re: Responses: titles, file-processing
  3. "Joyce Neu, Re: Linguistics novels

Message 1: Henry Lee Smith's radio program

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1991 23:00 EDT
From: <BELMORE%Vax2.Concordia.CApucc.PRINCETON.EDU>
Subject: Henry Lee Smith's radio program
I think the program was called Where Are You From? He would ask a partici-
pant to pronounce various words (say Mary, marry, Mary) and was said to be
able to home in on the dialect or dialects to which that person had been
exposed--something like, I can teel you were born in the Piedmon area of
Virginia (Piedmont, i.e.) but have since spent time in Dallas...
I don't know whether any of the tapes have been preserved. I took a course
from Smith and Trager at Georgetown many years ago and asked Smith if there
were recordings to go with the course. He said they weren't necessary be-
cause it was always very easy to get numerous examples from people in the
class. I didn't think to ask him about the radio program. Too bad!!!
Would be most interested in hearing if you get better information than
I've been able to give you. I fear most of those who might be able to answer
your question have long since died.
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Message 2: Re: Responses: titles, file-processing

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 91 20:18:43 EDT
From: Ron Smyth <>
Subject: Re: Responses: titles, file-processing
I recall a science fiction novel entitled "The Embedding". My memory is
vague on this; it was by Ian something (don't ask me why I remember the
first name only!), and had something to do with a top secret project
having to do with communication with aliens. I think the idea was that
children were being raised to be able to understand multiply centre-embedded
sentences, and possibly other 'illegal' things in human language. I have
forgotten most of it, but I think it would be interesting to see an
updated version (made-for-television?) in which children are tutored in
violations of GB constraints. What did you ask for titles and? Authors,
I presume.
Ron Smyth
p.s. I'm interested in hearing of novels with linguists as leading
characters. Any suggestions?
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Message 3: Re: Linguistics novels

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 91 20:40 EDT
Subject: Re: Linguistics novels
 This is not quite what was asked for, but David Carkeet has written
at least two books that I know of that have a linguist as their central
character. One is called _Double Negative_ and the other is _Full
Catastrophe_. _Double Negative_ is a mystery with the linguist being
a child language researcher. There are several references in both
books that only linguists would probably enjoy (or understand?).
Joyce Neu
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