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Sat 07 Sep 1991

FYI: Language vs Dialect, Software

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  1. , language & dialect: thanks!
  2. Arne Larsson, Linguistic Software: GULP

Message 1: language & dialect: thanks!

Date: Thu, 5 Sep 91 08:33:12 CST
From: <huttardallas%utafll.uta.eduRICEVM1.RICE.EDU>
Subject: language & dialect: thanks!
 The trickle of replies about the origin of "a language is a dialect
 with its own army and navy" seems to have stopped now, so I'll thank
 you all for your interesting range of responses. To summarize for
 those interested, and for those who compulsively read everything in
 LINGUIST: replies via LINGUIST or direct to me came up with Bill
 Welmers, Roman Jakobson via Paul Kiparsky, Otto Jespersen, and Max
 Weinreich. Weinreich got two mentions, but both derive from the same
 source, _The Native Speaker is Dead_; the reference there to MW's
 originating that aphorism sounds about as solidly based on hearsay and
 unexamined memory as the other replies. Dissertation on the rise and
 spread of ((meta)socio)linguistic myths, anyone?
 Thanks again.
 George Huttar
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Message 2: Linguistic Software: GULP

Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1991 10:22:25 GMT+0400
From: Arne Larsson <>
Subject: Linguistic Software: GULP
	Dr. Michael Covington has kindly provided
	the following information concerning his
	Prolog tool for graph unification in logic
	I think it's useful to know about for my
	colleagues, who are joining the Linguist
	Discussion Network.
	Best regards,
	Arne Larsson
This is Dr. Covinton's answer:
 Date: Thu, 29 Aug 91 10:15:13 EDT
 From: Michael Covington <>
 Subject: Re: Linguistic software
 To: Arne Larsson tel 358-0-5117476 fax 358-0-51044287
 In-Reply-To: Your message of Thu, 29 Aug 1991 10:37:04 GMT+0400
On Thu, 29 Aug 1991 10:37:04 GMT+0400 you said:
>	I have your list of AI reports, revised 10 September 1990,
>	which also mentions Prolog software.
>	Among those programs, at least GULP would be widely
>	useful in the linguistic community. Is it available for
>	downloading using anonymous FTP?
 Yes. Connect to and get the file 'README' for
 further information. I don't remember the file name for GULP;
 I think it is in directory ai.natural.language.
> If not, what is the
>	cost for the diskette distribution? ($15 was quoted on
>	the 1990 list I'm referring to, but prices may changes...)
 That's still correct. But FTP is easier and cheaper.
Best regards,
Michael Covington
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