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Mon 09 Sep 1991

Disc: Participation in LINGUIST List discussions

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Message 1: Participation in Linguist List discussions

Date: Sun, 8 Sep 91 16:57:16 PDT
From: <>
Subject: Participation in Linguist List discussions
To: All Linguist List subscribers
Re: Participation in Linguist List discussions
I am conducting a sociolinguistic study of participation in the Linguist
List discussion group. The following is a brief (12 question) survey
regarding the debate which took place during February and March of this
past year on the use of the term 'cognitive linguistics'. If you read
even one contribution to that debate, please take the time to fill out
the survey below:
1) A total of 48 messages appeared under the heading 'cognitive linguistics'
(or 'language autonomy/modularity') in Feb. and March of this year. What
percentage (approximate) of these did you read/glance through?
2) a. Did you contribute to the discussion, and if so, how many times?
 b. If you did not contribute, explain as fully as you can why not (not
interested in topic; interested but too busy; interested but felt intimidated;
3) At times the 'cognitive linguistics' discussion became heated and
even personal. As best you can recall, describe your reactions to the
discussion at the time.
4) Have you contributed to any other discussions on LINGUIST? How often?
Respondent Information (IMPORTANT)
5) Your academic position (Lecturer [non-tenure track]; Assist./Assoc./
Professor; Emeritus; Grad Student; Undergrad; not affiliated with academia)
6) Male or female?
7) Number of years in linguistics (break down into student years/post-grad):
8) a. If you teach, average number of courses taught per year:
 b. Number of courses you were teaching in Feb./March 1991:
9) Principal area of specialization within linguistics:
 (If not primarily a linguist, state major field)
10) If you had to choose, would you describe yourself as more of a
'formalist' or a 'functionalist'?
11) How long have you been using a computer?
12) How comfortable/competent do you feel with computer technology?
Thank you for your responses. Please return this survey electronically
or mail a print-out to:		S.C. Herring
				Dept. of English
				California State University
				San Bernardino, CA 92407 USA
NB: This study is in no way connected with the moderators or organizers
of the Linguist List. Please address any questions, comments, or requests
for summaries of survey results to S. Herring at either of the above
addresses. Thanks again.
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